Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser with Smart Dispense, Silver


INNOVIA WB2-159S Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser with Smart Dispense, Silver

Automatically Dispenses Paper Towels and Retracts what isn't Used
  • Pass a hand through IR sensor to dispense a paper towel
  • Compatible with all standard paper towel rolls
  • Delivers 1 sheet each time or continuous, up to 5 sheets, if hand is left on sensor
  • Quickly installs under a cabinet or rest upright on counter
  • Reduces cross-contamination and spread of germs


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  • Having things handed to you is much more convenient and easy than getting them yourself. With the version 2 Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser with Smart Dispense from INNOVIA all it takes is the wave of a hand past the IR sensor to have 1 sheet of a paper towel automatically dispensed to you. However, sometimes more than 1 piece is needed and for those occasions simply leave your hand over the sensor and it will continue dispensing up to 5 sheets. With an automatic dispenser you may have the fear that it will go haywire and dispense the entire roll and that's valid fear but not one you need to have with this dispenser. INNOVIA planned for this ahead of time with the addition of their Smart Dispense sensor. This sensor limits the device from dispensing more than 5 sheets at once and any excess paper towel you do not tear off will be automatically retracted for use the next time. The use of an automatic dispenser will help to reduce cross-contamination and the spread of germs as it eliminates the need for a dirty hand to touch, and contaminate, the rest of a paper towel roll while tearing off what you need. The dispenser can be conveniently installed under a cabinet or simply stood upright on a counter. If mounting, the included bracket and template make doing so a quick task that can be completed in a few minutes with a screwdriver or power drill. Installing it underneath a cabinet will also help save space on counter-tops which tend to get cluttered, very quickly now-a-days. This Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser is compatible with all standard-size paper towel rolls with a diameter of less than 6.5". Adding and removing paper towel rolls to the dispenser takes seconds by squeezing the handle and opening the drop-down door. The Paper Towel Dispenser is powered by 4 D-cell batteries (sold separately) for wireless use or with an AC adapter (included) for a wired operation.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer INNOVIA Products, LLC
    Manufacturer Product No. WB2-159S
    UPC 850443004000
    Dimensions D 9.6in x W 14.6in x H 7.6in
    Weight 5.58 lbs
    Power Source AC adapter or D-cell batteries
    Compatible Paper Towels Virtually all standard rolls with diameter less than 6.5in
    Ease of Use Pass a hand through sensor to dispense towel
    Smart Dispense Sensor IR and retracts unused paper towels
    Max Paper Towels Dispensed at Once 5
    Finish Silver
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    Review of 65101S Review by ALBERT
    Review of 65101S

    Very easy to use and works fine. Saves papertowels.

    Posted on 7/11/2014

    Review of 65101S Review by GINA
    Review of 65101S

    Looks good, works great!

    Posted on 6/8/2014

    Review of 65101S Review by GINA D
    Review of 65101S

    Looks good, works great!

    Posted on 6/8/2014

    Review of 65101S Review by MIKE
    Review of 65101S

    I was worried it would be a gimmick, but this paper towel dispenser is an amazing tool!

    Posted on 12/29/2013

    Review of 65101S Review by GARY
    Review of 65101S

    Works as advertized. Was easy to install and works great !!

    Posted on 12/26/2013

    Review of 65101S Review by KIRTLYE
    Review of 65101S

    FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS!!!! We love it! It works flawlessly, easy install, easy loading. We actually use less paper towels because of the accurate dispensing. And it's very fun to use! I recommend this dispenser to everyone!

    Posted on 12/6/2013

    Review of 65101S Review by Sileste
    Review of 65101S

    Just received and installed our Innovia automatic paper towel dispenser. All I can say is Where have you been all my life. I can't give this item a high enough rating. Love, love, love it. Am going to purchase a second one for the other side of the kitchen.

    Posted on 11/17/2013

    Review of 65101S Review by YAN
    Review of 65101S

    Sipping so fast! The product is super easy to install and also not only looks nice but also become the most frequently used appliance in my kitchen.

    Posted on 8/25/2013

    Review of 65101S Review by JOHN MICHAEL
    Review of 65101S

    works as described

    Posted on 8/9/2013

    Review of 65101S Review by Sam
    Review of 65101S

    Works well and looks cool - my wife loves it! Thanks Smarthome for offering really neat products.

    Posted on 6/2/2013

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    • 1x - Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser with Smart Dispense, Silver
    • 1x - AC adapter
    • 1x - Mounting bracket
    • 1x - 2-sided mounting template
    • 4x - 1 inch dropped mounting bracket
    • 4x - 2 inch dropped mounting bracket
    • 8x - Mounting screw
    • 1x - Installation instructions

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