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Insteon: This may be the best of all protocols because it combines wired power line-based protocol with wireless. Both work as a mesh; all nodes on an Insteonhome automation network are peers that can communicate when in proximity. If one fails, the other mesh can take over. You can buy Insteon devices at, which is run by SmartLabs, the developers of Insteon. It's compatible with X10. -PC Magazine

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12/18/2015: Home Automation Protocols: What Technology is Right for You?

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09/25/2015: Amazon Echo connected home control reaches Insteon lights

09/25/2015: Amazon Echo and your smarthome are now smarter with Insteon support

09/07/2015: The Impact Of Do-It-Yourself In Smart Homes

07/30/2015: Smart lighting for a smart budget: Wirelessly controlling your home's lighting, for less

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06/23/2015: Apple HomeKit Review: Siri’s New Smart Home Already Needs Renovation

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06/02/2015: First Apple HomeKit devices

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06/02/2015: Apple HomeKit-Enabled Insteon Hub Now Shipping

06/02/2015: Here Are The First Connected Home Devices For Apple’s HomeKit

06/02/2015: HomeKit-enabled $150 Insteon Hub now shipping, hitting retail stores in July

06/02/2015: Featured on Insteon ships its HomeKit-enabled hub and app

04/21/2015: Featured on Insteon Adds Home Control From Apple Watch

03/19/2015: Insteon featured on ABC7

01/09/2015: Featured on New Insteon Hub Makes 200+ Products Apple HomeKit Compatible

01/08/2015: Featured on Insteon Opens Connected Home API, Encourages Innovation

01/06/2015: Featured on Of All the HomeKit Supporters, Insteon Is the Smartest

01/06/2015: Featured on Insteon homes in on iOS compatibility at CES with Apple HomeKit hub

01/05/2015: Featured on Home automation will take center stage at CES in Las Vegas

01/05/2015: Featured on Google's Nest Smart Thermostat Now Works With Insteon Products, Philips Hue, Kwikset Kevo, Whirlpool, And Others


07/21/2014: Insteon Brings Home Automation To Cortana

07/16/2014: Insteon Adds Microsoft's Cortana Support for Connected Home

07/15/2014: Microsoft’s Cortana Takes Over Connected Home

07/14/2014: Insteon Expands Presence in Latin America and Mexico

07/14/2014: Smarthome Expands its Connected Home Product Line with Honeywell Lyric Thermostat

07/11/2014: Insteon Expands In Latin America

07/07/2014: Insteon Announces Availability on

07/03/2014: The Connected Home Device Market Is Getting So Hot Even Staples Is Getting Involved

06/30/2014: Insteon Announces Availability of Popular Connected Home Products in Microsoft Retail Stores

06/09/2014: SYNNEX Corp. has developed a newly enhanced and exclusive mobile app for Insteon which will be used on Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

06/10/2014: The smart home is the next battleground: What to expect from the top 3 tech companies?

06/04/2014: Home Automation: Insteon on Hub, an example of a company with a plan

06/03/2014: SYNNEX Corporation Develops Mobile App for Insteon Home and Office Control on Microsoft Windows Devices

06/03/2014: Insteon Apps for Windows and Windows Phone Apps Available Now

05/30/2014: Ahead of WWDC, Apple’s Expected Connected-Home Salvo

05/28/2014: TechBits: home control part 2

05/27/2014: Home Automation: Newcomers and Acquisitions in 2014

05/21/2014: How Microsoft Will Incorporate the Internet of Things Into Windows 8.1

05/19/2014: Insteon Announces Windows and Windows Phone Apps for Connected Home Control and Monitoring

05/19/2014: Home automation goes commercial with strategic partnerships

05/19/2014: Insteon Announces Windows and Windows Phone Apps for Connected Home Control and Monitoring

05/16/2014: Smarten up your home with technology

05/16/2014: Microsoft’s Home Automation Deal Is More Proof It’s a Whole New Company

05/15/2014: Microsoft Partners With Insteon To Sell Connected-Home Kits

05/15/2014: Microsoft announces a partnership with Insteon, gets into home automation business

05/15/2014: Windows 8 moves into home automation with new Insteon apps, retail partnership

05/15/2014: Insteon, Microsoft Strike Retail Pact

05/15/2014: Microsoft gets into the home automation game with Insteon partnership

05/15/2014: Insteon pushes smart home mainstream with Windows boost

05/15/2014: Microsoft Dives Into Home Automation With Insteon Deal

05/15/2014: Microsoft Picks Insteon as Home Automation Partner

05/15/2014: Insteon Announces Windows and Windows Phone Apps for Connected Home Control and Monitoring

05/02/2014: Revolv Bundles Compatible Products With Its Home-Automation Hub

03/27/2014: Insteon® Expands Best Buy Presence

03/19/2014: Insteon® Announces Connectivity to Nest Learning Thermostat

01/15/2014: Nest and Beyond: A Beginner's Guide to Home Automation


06/19/2012: Insteon® Ships World's First Remote Control Networked LED Bulb

03/06/2012: Global Caché Honors Top Resellers Company Awards iRule, Smarthome, and Comm-Tec Top Reseller Status for 2011

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