In-LineLinc Dimmer (2 Pack)

Insteon Remote Control In-Line Dimmer Switch (2-Pack)

Control Lighting Without Running Additional Wires for a Switch
  • Multi-Pack discount
  • Remotely control hardwired incandescent lights without running wires for a wall switch
  • Fits inside a standard electrical box
  • Controls up to 400 Watts at 100-277VAC and 50/60H
  • Featuring dual-band Insteon technology for the fastest and most reliable performance
  • Works with both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant for voice control (Insteon Hub required, Alexa device and Google Assistant device each sold separately)



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  • Easy To Install

    The Insteon In-Line Dimmer is easy to install and Insteon up. Its small size allows installation in a standard J-box or in a ceiling light fixture. Control each kitchen light individually or rows of can lights with a single Insteon In-Line Dimmer. Learn more about Insteon here.

    Perfect for Locations without a Switch

    Whether you're planning to install recessed lighting or have already done so, you don't need to go through the hassle of running the wiring for a new wall switch. By installing an In-Line switch in a fixture box, you'll be able to control the lights from any location in your home. Simply install the In-Line dimmer in the fixture box, link it manually or via Insteon Hub, and you'll be able to turn lights on and off and dim them using any Insteon -compatible controller. For maximum personalized control, wire an In-Line dimmer to each non-switched light for the ultimate in mood settings.

    Adjustable Ramp Rate

    Adjust the speed at which the controlled light turns on or off, also known as the ramp rate. For example, you may want the light in the stairwell to turn on instantly so you can see where you're walking. Alternatively, you may want the light in the master bathroom to ramp up in a soft, gentle fashion so you're not blinded in the middle of the night. The ramp rate is adjustable between 0.1 second and 9 seconds if programmed locally. The ramp rate can extend up to 8 minutes (for a simulated sunrise or sunset) if programmed using software such as HouseLinc. This is a great addition to your morning alarm, slowly turning the light on to help you wake up.

    Easy to Program

    Programming an In-Line switch can be easily done a couple of different ways. The Tap method is best for your initial setup. Simply go into linking mode on any Insteon -compatible controller and then press the set button on the In-LineLinc for 3 seconds; the load and the status LED will flash. You are now linked and can control the In-Line Dimmer from the controller of your choice. Keep in mind that once installed in a fixture, the In-Line switch will not be easily accessible, thus making new links and scene programming difficult. We recommend using Insteon Hub to manage the links of your In-Line switches after it is installed. Remember, you will need to have the Insteon ID in order to program with software.

    Scene Lighting

    Scenes allow you to control multiple lights, rooms or even the whole home with a single command. Because the In-Line Dimmer can be a member of more than 400 scenes (i.e. "Movie Time," "Party," "Romance," etc.), you'll be able to launch various lighting scenarios with a single button press. These are elegant features usually found only in systems costing tens of thousands of dollars and requiring extensive rewiring of your home. All member lights can ramp to your independently desired brightness levels at your chosen ramp rate(s). So one set of lights can dim slowly, while another set turns off instantly, all controlled with one command from one button. If you want to control multiple scenes from one controller, we suggest the Insteon Keypads.


    In-Line switches are dual band device, it has the ability to communicate using both the electrical wires in the home (powerline) as well as using radio frequency (RF). This increases reliability not only for In-LineLinc but for all devices on an Insteon home control network (similar to the function of an Access Point).

    Non-Volatile Memory

    All In-Line Dimmer switch settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are not lost during power failures. Additionally, in the event of a power loss, the In-Line Dimmer will return to its last brightness level when power is restored.

  • General
    Manufacturer Insteon
    Manufacturer Product No. 2475DA1-2PK
    UPC 813922017175
    FCC ID SBP2475DA1
    Patent No. U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998. Protected under U.S. and foreign patents (see
    Warranty 2 Years
    Insteon Features
    On-Levels 32 locally, increments of 1% with software
    Ramp Rates (full-On to full-Off) 0.125 to 9 seconds if programmed locally, 0.125 seconds to 8 minutes if programmed remotely
    Operation modes Insteon
    LED indicator Green when load is on
    Red when load is off
    Multi-Way Circuit Support Yes, as a receiver and as a controller
    Setup Memory Non-volatile EEPROM
    Insteon ID 1
    Insteon Groups 400 responder groups and 1 controller group
    Maximum Scene Memberships 400 (combined controller and responder)
    Scene commands supported as responder On | Off
    Fast-On | Fast-Off
    Brighten | Dim
    Software Configurable Yes
    Ramp Rates (full-On to full-Off) 0.125 to 9 seconds if programmed locally,
    0.125 seconds to 8 minutes if programmed remotely via software
    RF Range 100 ft.(depending on your home’s construction)
    Mounting Mounts inside standard electrical box in the ceiling or in the wall
    Wire's White - Neutral 18 gauge
    Black - Hot 16 gauge
    Red - Load 16 gauge
    Copper - Earth ground 14 gauge
    Beeper Yes
    Dimensions 2.75" x 1.75" x 1"(H x W x D)
    Weight 2.5 oz
    Storage Conditions 4-158°F (-20-70°C)
    Voltage 100-277VAC +/- 10%, Single phase
    Frequency 50/60Hz auto-detected at power-up
    Load Types 15A/240VAC
    3600W/240VAC resistive
    700W/240VAC inductive/capacitive
    2000W/240VAC bulbs/low voltage halogen
    Load Types Wired-in incandescent lighting
    Maximum Load 400 Watts
    Retain All Settings Without Power Yes, saved in non-volatile EEPROM
    Standby Power Consumption <1W
    Safety Approved ETL (Intertek Testing Services)
    Certifications FCC, IC Canada
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