Immodomo home100 HomePilot 100

Immodomo home100 HomePilot 100

Record and Share Your Audio/Video Content Throughout Your Entire House
  • Stream, share and record HD content wirelessly or via cable
  • Compatible with cable or satellite systems
  • The Intelligent recorder allows you to program your system to avoid missing your favorite shows / movies
  • Playback TV programs, DVDs, music or photos on any connected television
  • Connect to up to 5 televisions


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  • The HomePilot 100 provides one complete, whole-house solution for your audio/video content. HomePilot can send cable signals to up to five televisions using a single terminal (digital cable, Illico, Bell ExpressVu, etc.).

    With the Intelligent recorder, you can record your favorite programs and movies and watch at your convenience. Program your show preferences into HomePilot. The unit will then scan all channels to record everything linked to your preferred topics. Enter in the name of your favorite actor and HomePilot will record every film or program the actor is in. Then, you can send your recordings to any room in the house and watch them whenever you want.

    HomePilot includes a local server, so you can store all of your DVDs or music in one location. The server provides you with easy access to your collection and allows you to play it from any connected television. Photos can also be stored on the server and then viewed on any TV in your system.

    • Audio / Video functionalities
      • Intelligent recorder
      • HD Supported
      • Multi-room, up to 5 extenders
      • DVD centralization module
      • Share HD content throughout your entire house
      • Multi-room audio system
      • Display photos on every TV
      • Share your setup-box (Digital TV)
      • Share your recordings
    • Storage
      • 1TB of space
      • 150 movies in DVD format
      • Several days of music
      • Several thousand pictures
      • Around 250 hrs recording time of your favorite TV show and movies
      • Watch and copy your DVD movies

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    • HomePilot 100
    • Power Cord
    • HD Module and Power Cord
    • Remote Control
    • IR Blaster
    • IR Emitter
    • USB Cables
    • Manual

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