iFi Systems Model T4.0-IOS Bluetooth Smart Tag GPS Item Locater, iOS

iFi Systems Model T4.0-IOS Bluetooth Smart Tag GPS Item Locater, iOS

Helping You Find And Keep Track Of Your Commonly Missing Valuables
  • Compatible with iPhone 4S/5, iPad 3, iPad Mini
  • iOS device pairs with up to 6 iFi System Smart Tags
  • Two-way tracking between your tagged device and valuables
  • Active safety zones so the alarm doesn't go off
  • Ringing alerts you when tagged devices are leaving the Bluetooth range
  • E-mail and GPS location notices are sent when tagged devices leave Bluetooth range



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  • Misplacing or losing your phone, keys, wallet, purse, or other important valuables that help you get through the day is one of modern day's most stressful moments. A lot of time and stress is taken to look for these small, inconspicuous items, but the iFi Systems Smart Tag for iOS devices, or the Android, eases the frustration and worry about misplaced item's locations and helps you easily find and keep track of your valuables.

    The Smart Tag device is a small and lightweight electronic key fob that is easily synced to any Bluetooth enabled iOS device via the free downloadable iFi Smart Tag application from the Apple App Store, and is attached to an item you do not want to misplace or lose. If you tend to misplace multiple items, six Smart Tag devices can be synced to one iOS device so you can keep track of everything from one place. You can even customize the Smart Tag settings from the iFi Smart Tag application by personalizing Smart Tagged item's names to match the items they are attached to, individual alert sounds for each item, and monitoring the Smart Tag device's battery life.

    The Smart Tag devices and iOS device act as a two-way paging system that activates any time you misplace your iOS device, or the Smart Tag device. Press the red button on the iFi key fob, or press the button in the iFi Smart Tag application to find the missing iFi Smart Tagged devices. The use of Bluetooth makes it easier to find your missing valuables or iOS device since you don't need to depend on a Wi-Fi or phone signal for the Smart Tagged devices to communicate.

    Audible ringing alerts warn you if your iOS device and Smart Tagged items are leaving the 25 to 30 foot Bluetooth range, or an e-mail notification with a Google Maps location will be sent to your iOS device if the Smart Tagged item and iOS device are outside the 25 to 30 foot Bluetooth range and separated for 3 minutes or more. These alerts and notifications can be turned off and active safety zones such as your home, office, or car can be set up so you don't have to worry about losing things and hearing unnecessary alerts every time you go somewhere.

    This convenient and high quality remote finder will help you find the right item every time and will help you stay more organized and prepared.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer iFi Systems
    Manufacturer Product No. Model T4.0 -IOS
    UPC 893773001615
    Color Black
    Device Compatibility iPhone 4S/5, iPad 3, iPad Mini
    Number of Synced Devices 1 iPhone 4S/5, iPad 3, iPad Mini for 1 to 6 iFi Systems Smart Tags
    Battery Coin Cell
    Rechargeable Battery No
    Device Connection Bluetooth
    Bluetooth Range 25 to 30 feet (approximately)
    Manufacturer Warranty 6-months

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    • 1x - iFi Smart Tag
    • 1x - Key Ring
    • 1x - Coin Cell Battery
    • 1x - iFi Smart Tag App (via free download from the Apple App Store)

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