iBitz Power Key Activity Tracker - Black


iBitz V3-PWK-BLK Power Key Activity Tracker - Black

Make Exercising a Competitive, Fun, Healthy, and Healthful Game for Your Kids to Play
  • Compatible with iOS Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) devices
  • Free iOS app wirelessly syncs to your device with one click
  • Records Steps, Miles, Weight, Calories, and Time
  • Parents set-up activity goals and various rewards for reached goals
  • "Virtual Pet" helps to teach importance of healthy lifestyle



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  • The iBitz V3-PWK-BLK Power Key Activity Tracker is a three axis accelerometer sensing pedometer that clips to your child's shoelaces or waistband to accurately track and monitor their physical activity throughout the day; exactly like the adult version Unity Activity Tracker. This activity tracker syncs to a Bluetooth 4.0 iOS device to track steps, average speed, distance, burned calories, weight, height, and time spent exercising. Although not as detailed as the Unity, the Power Key is designed for saving all of your children's physical activity to their paired iOS device using the iBitz application, and keeps them motivated and focused on achieving personal fitness goals you setup for them. As a parent, you can sync your child's Power Key app to your Unity app for monitoring and viewing anywhere you go.

    Of course, as a parent, you're probably thinking, "Well, that seems hard, especially with so many distractions around the house. Once they're in front of the TV, they're hard, if not, impossible to budge." That's the idea behind the Power Key; not only can you keep track of your child's activity levels, but you will also be able to set up restrictions on smartphone games or entertainment that must be met in order use them. For example, you can have your child walk 5,000 steps in a day before being allowed to watch cartoons, or even require an hour-long bike ride to earn an hour of video games-it's only limited by your imagination and how much you think your child needs to exercise. What's really cool and exciting is that goal progress is represented in the form of a spaceship that goes higher and higher to explore and unlock new and unknown planets in space based on accumulated activity, and a Tamagotchi-esque avatar that reflects how active your child is. The avatar is fully interactive as it encourages or reminds your child about exercising, as well as teaching your child about healthful food habits and consumption since the more active they are, the more powerful the avatar is. You can also opt to allow your child to earn prizes from Amazon (via own funding) or even get new games (via own funding) from the app store by achieving certain fitness goals.

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  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Product No. V3-PWK-BLK
    Dimensions1.9 inches (L) x 1.2 inches (W) x 0.8 inches (D)

    48 millimeters (L) x 30 millimeters (W) x 20 millimeters (D)
    Device MaterialThe main body is made of plastic as well as the casing of the back clip
    ClipMade of Stainless Steel
    Battery CoverMade of Stainless Steel
    BatteryCR2032 - 3V Lithium Battery
    SensorTri-axis accelerometer for activity monitoring
    BluetoothUses BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) 2.4 GHz for transmission of data
    Appibitz App from the iTunes ® stores is required for retrieving data from the device
    Manufacturer Warranty1-year limited warranty
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