HyperKewl 8529 M Blue Evaporative Cooling Dog Coat, Blue - Medium


HyperKewl 8529 M Blue Evaporative Cooling Dog Coat, Blue - Medium

Lightweight Cooling Coat Will Keep Your Dog Cool on Hot Days
  • 1-2 minute soak in water for up to 10 hours of cooling
  • Cools body up to 20° lower than room temperature
  • Re-soak as needed when cooling wears off
  • Secures under the dogs belly
  • Flexible shoulder material won't restrict movement


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  • As the weather continues to heat up, more measures must be taken in order to not only keep ourselves cool but our canine friends as well. With an Evaporative Cooling Dog Coat from HyperKewl all it takes is 1-2 minutes of soaking in water to give your dog temperature relief up to 15&deg-20° cooler than the ambient temperature for several hours. Upon submerging the coat in water, the HyperKewl fabric used will absorb, store and then release water within the coat through evaporation to cool your dog down. After removing the coat from soaking, excess water should be gently squeezed out and wiped away before wearing. This process can be repeated as often as needed throughout the course of the day. The Evaporative Cooling Dog Coat is flexible to ensure that the dog can move without restriction. The coat secures at the chest under the belly of the dog.

    Size Chart
    Size Back Length Girth
    Small 9-12" 18-26"
    Medium 13-16" 22-32"

    This coat is also available in the following sizes, each sold separately:

    How it Works: HyperKewl fabric absorbs and stores water when it is submerged. Water is then released within the layers of the vest through evaporation to create a chill effect similarly to the way in which our bodies cool themselves through evaporation.

    Instructions for Use: Submerge vest in water for 1-2 minutes, squeeze out excess water, wipe dry and wear.

    Washing: In order to maintain the longest life possible it is best to wash with a gentle soap and brush.

    Note: High humidity (90%+) will diminish the fabrics ability to evaporate water to provide cooling.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer TechNiche International
    Manufacturer Product No. 8529 M Blue
    UPC 857825001282
    Dimensions L 14in x W 12in x H 0.5in
    Weight 0.7 lbs
    Size Medium
    Color Blue
    Soak Time 1-2 minutes
    Activation Time 1-3 minutes
    Cooling Duration 5-10 hours
    Re-Usable Yes. Re-soak as often as needed
    Best Conditions for Use Warm, dry climates
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