Hubbell Bryant MSP1500C PIR 360 Degree, 1,500 Square Foot Occupancy Sensor


Hubbell Bryant MSP1500C PIR 360 Degree, 1,500 Square Foot Occupancy Sensor

Passive Infrared Ceiling Occupancy Sensor Featuring Adaptive Technology
  • Passive Infrared detects long range motion
  • Adaptive Technology - Install and forget
  • All digital sensing technology
  • Mounting base included with sensor
  • Non-volatile memory settings retained after power outage



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  • The Hubbell Bryant MSP1500C Passive Infrared (PIR) Occupancy Sensor detects long-range major motion from the ceiling mounted device. It also includes Bryant's Adaptive Technology which allows you to install and forget, saving time and money from not having to do constant adjustments. This technology also helps eliminate false-offs and disturbances. The Dual element passive-infrared detector and lens sense heat in motion. The ceiling mounted sensor is concealed in an off-white ABS enclosure that blends in with ceiling tile.

    Passive infrared (PIR) technology senses occupancy by detecting the movement of heat emitted from the human body against the background space. Unlike Ultrasonic technology, PIR sensors require an unobstructed line-of-sight for detection. These sensors use a segmented lens, which divides the coverage area into zones. Movement between zones is then interpreted as occupancy. PIR sensors are ideal for detecting major motion (e.g. walking), and they work best in small, enclosed spaces with high levels of occupant movement.

    The Bryant 360°, 1,500 Square Foot PIR Occupancy Sensor is also available with 360°, 450 Sq Ft coverage, sold separately.

    Adaptive Technology
    Adaptive Technology is a BRYANT exclusive and delivers benefits to both building owners and occupants. The building owner achieves reduced energy costs, fewer adjustments and less maintenance, and the building occupant experiences fewer false-offs and disturbances. Adaptive technology occupancy sensors use microprocessors that make all the decisions for setting adjustments. Internal software constantly monitors the controlled area and automatically adjusts the sensitivity and timer based on environmental history. Instead of manually adjusting the sensor for seasonal changes, modified airflow, furniture layout or occupancy pattern changes, the sensor automatically adjusts itself. These automatic adjustments eliminate the need for multiple manual adjustments by maintenance personnel or outside contractors. BRYANT offers adaptive technology throughout its product offering - wall switches, ceiling and wall mount sensors in conjunction with dual technology, ultrasonic and passive infrared products.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Hubbell Bryant
    Manufacturer Product No MSP1500C
    UPC 781786102262
    Coverage Area 1,500 Square Feet
    Field of View 360 Degrees
    Sensing Technology Passive Infrared (PIR)
    Power 24V DC, 33mA
    Operational Frequency 32kHz
    Manufacturer Warranty Five Years Limited
    Certifications cULus, CEC Title 24 Certified

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