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  1. Use this Insteon hub to provide lighting, appliance, and temperature control. This IOS or Android smartphone remote provides a smart home automation system.


    List Price: $99.99

    Your Savings: $30.00

  2. Monitor your home using both wired and wireless sensors for added safety and security with this Two-Way Wireless Starter Kit.
  3. Build a rock-solid security foundation with powerful automation functionality with this Semi Flush Mount Keypad Security System.
  4. Install this software based Premium Automated Home Controller hub to manage your lighting and appliances from your computer or over the internet.


    List Price: $1,200.00

    Your Savings: $0.06

  5. Set up your own app controlled wireless home security system with no contracts or monthly fees. It sends texts and is enabled for IOS and Android smartphones.


    List Price: $229.99

    Your Savings: $30.99

  6. Control all your home automation systems, devices, and appliances with this powerful and compact Premium Smart Home Controller.


    List Price: $200.00

    Your Savings: $10.06

  7. By connecting the VeraPlus with all the smart devices in your home, it allows you to control them together in groups or individually to create custom solutions that fit your life. View and control your system from anywhere, for total peace of mind.
  8. Fine-tune your lighting with custom smartphone app controlled LIFX Z LED light strips. Select from a spectrum of color for 8 individually addressable zones - 16 million colors, including warm to cool whites.
  9. Remotely view and control your garage door from your smartphone or tablet even at night with this Garage Door Access Control Camera kit.
  10. Control Scout from your smartphone, tablet or computer anytime, anywhere in the world. With customizable notifications, personalized styling and 24/7 mobile access, Scout keeps you on-the-go, in control and interruption free.
  11. Control your home's systems, appliances, and more from your computer or over the internet with this software based Home Automation Controller.


    List Price: $855.00

    Your Savings: $0.06

  12. Install this convenient starter kit to remotely access and control your Connected Home Security system using your smartphone.
  13. Choose this comprehensive kit to add remote Garage Door Access Control to your home automation system setup.


    List Price: $294.95

    Your Savings: $35.00

  14. You can create your very own Philips Hue system to match your personal wants and needs. Get a Philips Hue bridge, select the lights and accessories you prefer, and install the Philips Hue app on your smart device. You can now enjoy the full connected experience, your way.
  15. Monitor and control lights (as well as shades and temperature) from anywhere, so you can always be in touch with your home with or without an internet connection.
  16. Control, monitor and automate smart devices in your home. Add sensors and rules to personalize your home, provide security, and save energy. Control smart lights, switches, and sensors. Works with Zigbee, Z-Wave, 6loWPAN and Wi-Fi smart devices.


    List Price: $149.99

    Your Savings: $0.14

  17. Scout’s modern design complements a modern home - no more beige boxes stuffed into every corner. With Scout, you’ll repel criminals without repelling your sense of style. Scout is modular so the system is portable from house-to-house. Each component can be repurposed as needed. It’s a great solution for both renters and homeowners alike.
  18. Home Center Lite, incredibly compact brain of the FIBARO System. Latest creation, designed with your needs in mind. Let it change your life, making it safer and more convenient, and your home intelligent, efficient and comfortable
  19. Customize your lighting to make your home not too bright, not too dark, but just right with this easy to use Hue Automated Dim Control kit.
  20. iDevices has grown its HomeKit-compatible and Amazon Alexa with a kit comprising three light bulb adapters, seven electrical plugs, and added concierge service for priority support access.
  21. Monitor and control lights (as well as shades and temperature) from anywhere, so you can always be in touch with your home with or without an internet connection.


    List Price: $150.00

    Your Savings: $70.05

  22. Set the tone for any occasion with this Philips hue light recipe kit, which handles up to 10 hue lights for remote controlled operation. This versatile kit is easy to set up and the dimmer can be mounted with either screws or adhesive tape
  23. Discover completely new lighting possibilities with this customizable, unobtrusive Wireless Gateway Lighting starter kit.


    List Price: $54.99

    Your Savings: $11.02

  24. A complete home sensing solution, WallyHome detects and alerts you of water leaks, changes in temperature and humidity, as well as when doors and windows open.
  25. Monitor and control lights (as well as shades and temperature) from anywhere, so you can always be in touch with your home with or without an internet connection.


    List Price: $249.00

    Your Savings: $73.66

  26. Philips Hue white ambiance can help you to fall asleep and wake up gently. It can energize you and help you to concentrate, read and relax. Set the right ambiance with a range of white light, from cool daylight to relaxing warm white light.
  27. With Philips Hue white and color ambiance you can transform your lighting into an extraordinary experience. Connected home lighting offers colored lighting that can be synced to your music, TV and games for immersive effects.
  28. The Nest Secure alarm system is easy to live with every day. Just tap Nest Tag on Nest Guard to arm and disarm the alarm – no passcode needed. Nest Detect sensors look out for doors, windows, and rooms. And with the Nest app, you’ll always know what’s happening at home.*
  29. Select this Connected Home Starter Kit to integrate voice control and connectivity functions into your home automation systems.


    List Price: $269.98

    Your Savings: $30.03

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