How We Test

How We TestOur In-House Product Reviews exist to offer our customers a complete and unbiased account of what a typical user will experience in the real world. From the out-of-the-box starting point to the performance of the product, we cover all the points, ending with whom the product is best suited for. Out of the BoxGadgets and gizmos have that high-tech whiz-bang factor, but they should not be difficult to set up and use. We check for intuitiveness of setup as well as user interface. With overall ease of use paramount, no product should require you to be a tech-head to figure it out. Look and FeelWhile function is supreme, we also look at the aesthetics and comfort of the device. Will it fit nicely and unobtrusively into your current environment? What options are offered in terms of colors and styles? Is the design sleek and attractive? How comfortable does it feel in your hand? These are just a few of the questions we seek answers for because not only do we want our products to work but look good doing it.PerformanceWhat good is a sexy-looking product if it doesn't perform as advertised? We not only test the product for its main functionality but also how well it get the job done. Having extra features and functions will boost its rating. There is no such thing as a perfect product, so we always make a note of things that might not perform up to par. Who's It ForIn the end, it's all about how well a product fits a specific customer, a specific need. A road warrior on the go will prefer car and travel products, and a music lover will love our latest audio-video equipment. We care about our customers, and we want to match you with the product that you want and need. Back to reviews page

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