Control Multiple Garage Doors and Gates


It's easier than you think to have one 'clicker' for your garage doors and motorized gate systems. In fact, they don't even have to be yours. One remote control can store the signals and codes needed to activate up to six openers, whether it's your home or a relatives'. Use one remote to control different brands of openers too! If you have extra buttons, use them to turn on the lights from outside the home.

Rules To Follow  
1. Make sure the teaching remote has a fresh battery.

2. Place the two remotes next to each other.

3. Put the Learning Keychain Remote into the learning mode.

4. Press and hold the button on the Learning Keychain Remote into which the signal is to be     learned.

5. Press and hold the button on the teaching remote.

6. After a few moments (up to several minutes sometimes), the Learning Keychain Remote         will catch the signal.

If you don't have a remote to teach the Learning Keychain Remote (like the community gate), borrow one from a neighbor for five minutes. If you have lost your remote control, you're out of luck. You will need to find a replacement model made by the manufacture of the opener from a local store or serviceman.

6-Function Learning Remote  
To control more than four units, we have the 6-Function Learning Remote.  This unit is like the four button model except that it has three main buttons which are pressed to send the commands and a fourth button that selects if the first three or last three commands are sent. Think of the fourth button as a mode switch where mode A is for your home and B is for your vacation home. Or use it to switch between the gate and garage openers or to control the lighting functions.

To control the lights inside your home, install some LampLinc Modules on table lamps or replace wall switches with X10 intelligent wall switches. The Keychain Remote & 16-Device Base will also be needed to complete the system. The keychain remote that comes in this kit will be used to train your Learning Keychain Remote. After the training, you can use that X10 keychain remote to just control lights around your home or store it in a safe place for training future remotes. The plug-in module with the antenna on it is plugged into an electrical socket near the entrance to the home or in the garage.

X10 RF Transmitters  
If you are already using X10 devices in your home, the Learning Keychain Remotes can learn signals from any of the X10 RF transmitters like these:

X10 Slim Wireless 4-Button Wall Switches 6-In-1 & Keychain Remote Kit Leviton DHC Remote Control System
6-in-1 X10 Remote X10 Wireless Wall Switches Wireless Remote Control Systems
These remotes are great to give to latchkey children so they can open the garage door or gate from outside the home. It also makes a great gift! Now, with one remote, you can open the gate or garage door and turn on some lights inside your home.

This is just one example of a quick and easy project to automate your home. This project was accomplished without soldering, performing surgery on your home's electrical system, or pulling a building permit from the city. With some more components from Smarthome, you could have the garage door automatically close and the outdoor lights turn off five minutes after being activated or after no motion is detected around the car. While you are at it, have the alarm system activate in the perimeter mode (only if it's after 10pm or whatever time your specify). As complicated, simple, or hands off you would like to make your home, we can help.

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