Add 3-Way & 4-Way Lighting Control Without New Wiring

Navigating Stairs in the Dark?

Add a New Switch By the Staircase

Are The Kids Still Up?

Shut Their Lights Off From Your Bedroom

Scary Noise Outside?

Turn Lights On From a Convenient Location

Take a light controlled by a single switch and control that light from other locations throughout your home. In the example pictured above, this is done with an Insteon On/Off Switch, Insteon On/Off 6-Button Keypad and Insteon Wireless Remote Switch. The best part is you don’t need any new wiring.

  1. Replace the original light switch with an Insteon On/Off Switch.
  2. Replace another switch in your home with an Insteon On/Off Keypad. With a Keypad, you can still control the original load of this switch and the switch in Step 1 as well.
  3. Using an Insteon Wireless Remote Switch, add a third point of control for the light switch in Step 1 (Mounting Plate and Wall Plate sold separately).

Now you're ready to link your Insteon switches - here's an example of how easy it is:

To link items as shown in the 4-Way application in the main image above click here.

Otherwise, instructions for other 3-Way & 4-Way linking applications can be found in the Owner's Manual included with your product(s); or contact Customer Service for help.

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Insteon Remote Control
Dimmer Switch

Dimmer Switch


Insteon Remote Control
On/Off Switch

On/Off Switch


Insteon Remote Control Dimmer Keypad, 8-Button - White

Insteon 8 Buttom Keypad


Insteon Remote Control Dimmer Keypad, 6-Button - White

6 Button Dimmer Keypad


Insteon Remote Control On/Off Keypad, 6-Button - White

On/Off 6 Button Keypad


Insteon 8-Scene Mini

Insteon Mini Remote 8-Scene


Insteon 4-Scene Mini

Insteon 4 Scene Mini Remote


Insteon 1-Scene Mini

Insteon 1 Scene Mini Remote


Insteon Screwless Wall Plate, 1-Gang - White

Insteon 1 Gang Wall Plate


Insteon Screwless Wall Plate, 2-Gang - White

Insteon 2 Gang Wall Plate


Insteon Screwless Wall Plate, 3-Gang - White

Insteon 3 Gang Wall Plate


Insteon Mini Remote Wall Mount Bracket

Insteon Mini Remote Wall Mount Bracket


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