Remotely Control a Lamp
With an Insteon On/Off Switch and a Dimmer Module

It’s easy to set up and remotely control a plug-in appliance using an Insteon On/Off Switch and Plug-in Dimmer Module. A lamp, with a dimmable bulb, connects to the dimmer module which plugs into an available outlet. Just leave the lamp in the On position and sync the handheld mini remote to the dimmer module. It takes only minutes to setup and wirelessly control a lamp from anywhere in your home.

    What Can You Control?    
End Table Lamps   Floor Lamps   Desk Lamps  

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Plug-in Dimmer Module   On/Off Switch  

Linking the Insteon On/Off Switch and the Insteon Plug-in Dimmer Module

Download Insteon On/Off Switch and Insteon Plug-in Dimmer Module How-To Guides

   •   Plug-in Dimmer Module and On/Off Switch

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