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  • Simply mount the Hot Link Pro receiver through a hole in the cabinet, closet wall, or in some other convenient external location, route the cable inside the cabinet or closet, and attach the emitters to your A/V equipment. Hot Link Pro's IR receiver gives you even more flexibility than previous models with its new slimline design, a side sensor, and a 6' cable running from the sensor to the Repeater Box. Hot Link Pro also features a cool blue "Talk-Back" LED that blinks to confirm receipt of IR commands.

    Hot Link Pro includes 6 emitters attached to a 7 ft. ribbon cable that can be easily split for running emitters to different components. A 120 volt AC to 12 volt DC adapter is included. For use in 220/240 volt countries, use a locally obtained 220/240 VAC to 12 volt DC, 100 mA adapter.

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    Manufacturer Product No.:HL-1
    IR Frequencies:18 - 130KHz, Peak 18 - 60KHz
    Dimensions:3 1/4" x 2" x 15/16"
    Power Requirements:12VDC, 120VAC adapter included

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    Review of 8225p Review by DIANE
    Review of 8225p

    This is the second Hot Link I have purchased. They are super easy to install, and works great. One is behind a curtained cabinet, and the other is behind doors of a armoire. It's just wonderful for hiding all those components and wires.

    Posted on 3/20/2013

    Review of 8225p Review by SUNAMERICA
    Review of 8225p

    Ordered and delivered in an expiditious manner. No probems at all.

    Posted on 11/14/2012

    Review of 8225p Review by DAVID
    Review of 8225p

    Works really well. And very easy to set up! Thanks.

    Posted on 10/28/2012

    Review of 8225p Review by Nick
    Review of 8225p

    Tried two other IR products before this one. This was the only one that worked with all my components. I have an ATT U-Verse box that apparently no other IR repeater works with except for this one! Controls everything great, my home theater room is complete!

    Posted on 9/27/2011

    Review of 8225p Review by AZMI
    Review of 8225p

    Perfect. This is what I was looking for since a long time.

    Posted on 8/6/2011

    Review of 8225p Review by GREGORY
    Review of 8225p

    So far, this product is perfect and works as expected.

    Posted on 7/20/2011

    Review of 8225p Review by R A
    Review of 8225p

    works fine!

    Posted on 1/19/2011

    Review of 8225p Review by DEAN
    Review of 8225p

    Great way to hide components. Works great. It comes with a blue status light that blinks constantly, so I just disconnected that light.

    Posted on 1/13/2010

    Review of 8225p Review by CALVIN
    Review of 8225p

    Works very well once the sweet spot is found for the "eye". Cheaper option than a Harmony remote. I now have a very clean media shelf and very smooth viewing area.

    Posted on 8/23/2009

    Review of 8225p Review by Jim
    Review of 8225p

    I tired other IR repeaters and was disappointed with the range or angle off which made them unacceptable.

    After reading some reviews on this unit and the manufactures info page, I gave it a try.

    Hookup was easy and I was amazed at the long range and angle off it would hold the singal. It allows me to use ANY equiptment behind closed doors and always relays the signal no matter where I am in the room.

    I give this unit my highest rating because it simply works exactly as you expect and want it to, and as the manufacture says it will! We don't find that ofter do we?

    Buy this unit and I am sure you will be as impressed and satisfied as I am.

    Posted on 7/9/2009

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