Honeywell TH8320ZW1007/U Z-Wave Touchscreen Thermostat with Wiresaver

Honeywell Z-Wave Touchscreen Thermostat with Wiresaver

Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat with Z-Wave Connectivity
  • Z-Wave connectivity allows you to control your thermostat via your Z-Wave network
  • High-precision circuitry keeps temperature within 1°
  • Delivered messages allows the thermostat to be added to or removed from a Z-Wave controller
  • Included Wire saver allows for use without a common wire
  • Menu driven programming guides the user through the programming process
  • Intuitive adjustment for precise comfort control, easy to use touch screen display


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  • Keep your home comfortable and cash in on energy savings with the Z-Wave Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat from Honeywell. Designed for easy use, quick installation and packed with convenient features, this thermostat gives homeowners the ability to remotely manage their home's temperature and save money by reducing energy consumption. The thermostat is Z-Wave compatible which allows it to communicate with other Z-Wave enabled home automation devices and be easily integrated into a Z-Wave network. Homeowners can enjoy the benefits of the Z-Wave technology while trusting the comfort control and quality only available from Honeywell.

    Offering you the ability to program each day differently and to customize temperatures for four periods per day, this thermostat makes it easy to heat or cool your home for optimum comfort. It features exclusive Honeywell Smart Response Technology and a feature that enables Auto Changes from Heating to Cooling, which continually adjust the pre-heating or cooling of your home for effective results and precise comfort control within 1°F of your desired temperature.

    The included wiresaver allows use without a common wire. Z-Wave delivered messages allows the thermostat to be added to or removed from a Z-Wave controller. Intuitive adjustments for precise comfort control, easy to use touch screen display and extra large backlit display with natural language, menu driven programming guides the user through the programming process only showing necessary information and choices on each screen, and the thermostat operating message feature sends a message containing the status of the HVAC equipment.

    Z-Wave Compatibility
    Z-Wave can help you economize your energy usage by controlling this thermostat, as well as many other devices throughout your home. You could create automated heating or cooling routines based on occupancy or other conditions. For example, when noon sunlight warms up your home, Z-Wave can automatically lower your motorized window shades, which in turn will tell the thermostat to adjust itself to a correspondingly economical setting. Z-Wave can monitor your entire home's energy usage in just this way, 24/7, which provides you with maximum savings and makes your home greener.

    Convenient and Efficient for At-Home Comfort
    You know that turning down your heat at night saves you money, but you hate waking up and making breakfast in a freezing cold kitchen. You also don't want to run your AC all day while you're at work, but you want your home to be cool and comfortable when you get home. These issues, and more, are solved with a programmable thermostat; simply set schedules for when the thermostat should operate that are convenient to your schedule. The customized settings add luxury to your home while affording you valuable savings on your energy bill.

    An Easy Way to Save Energy and Money
    If programmed as directed, this thermostat offers you the ability to save up to 33% on annual heating and cooling costs (savings may depend on the geographic region you live in and your energy usage).

    Convenient, Intelligent Features and Broad Compatibility
    This thermostat delivers permanent day and time settings that are even maintained during power outages, and it offers the option of automatically adjusting for Daylight Savings Time, as well as a filter change reminder function that can help you keep your heating/cooling system operating at optimum efficiency.

    This thermostat is compatible with a broad range of 24-volt heating and air conditioning systems, including both single-stage and multi-stage heating and cooling systems, heat pumps with and without auxiliary (back-up) heat, gas fireplaces, steam or gravity, hot water, and heating only or cooling only systems. It is not compatible with electric baseboard heat (120-240 Volts) or 750 millivolt systems.

    Some homes, perhaps yours among them, have the existing thermostat wired with 4-conductor cable. This intelligent thermostat is capable of sending separate commands to the AC compressor and to the circulating fan, but this requires a "common" wire. In case your existing installation does not have a common, use the included Wiresaver module to install this thermostat. The Wiresaver acts as a splitter and carries both compressor and fan commands over one of your existing conductors. It's simple to install and is mounted next to your HVAC system.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Honeywell
    Manufacturer Product No. TH8320ZW1007/U
    UPC 085267669856
    Power Requirement 24VAC (supplied by HVAC system)
    One lithium backup battery
    Wiring Connections R, RC, W, W2, Y, Y2, G, C, L E, AUX, K, O/B
    Dimensions 8.75" x 6.5" x 1.75"
    Mfgr Warranty 5 years, limited
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    !!!Beware thought it was a good unit but NO Warranty for Self installed! Review by Matt
    !!!Beware thought it was a good unit but NO Warranty for Self installed!

    I purchased two of these and self installed the instructions and programing straightforward. After two years one of the units failed. Thinking I did good buying a well known unit with a 5 year warranty little did I know and no place does it say it cannot be homeowner installed. However two steps listed to file a claim are 1- Call Honeywell or 2 Return to place of Purchase! So when I was informed by Honeywell Customer Service that they will not honor the warranty without an authorized Honeywell Installer/Licensed Contractor to come and only they can faille a claim so I should take it back to place of purchase! Then when followed Honeywells instruction I called Smarthome they said they cannot take it back since they are not authorized by Honeywell to do this! So the unit has no warranty!!!!

    Posted on 2/16/2015

    My skeptical wife even complemented it Review by Coyote
    My skeptical wife even complemented it

    The install went smoothly, both wiring and software setup. Bought it to monitor and adjust house temps while on the road--in the winter I can lower the temperature while away, then reset it an hour before I get home. Being able to set alerts if there is a problem is reassuring, also.

    There is a lot of flexibility available if you read the manual, something you don't find in most thermostats.

    All in all, I give it a "buy".

    Posted on 11/10/2014

    heat setting works more like auto Review by brooke
    heat setting works more like auto

    I was very unhappy to see my energy usage skyrocket with this thermostat. I have this in a vacation home and I turned the heat down, only to see energy usage skyrocket and the temperature reading in the house read the heat setpoint even though it was 70 degrees outside. Apparently, there is no difference between heat and auto.

    Posted on 11/6/2014

    Review of 300673 Review by ROBERT
    Review of 300673

    There is some type of Z-Wave Firmware bug that does not allow this thermostat to work on a 2GIG Go!Control panel. Tried multiple version of software of the 2GIG panel and it will learn into the network, but does not allow the thermostat to function properly. In talking to 2GIG and Sigma Designs (the Z-Wave folks) I found out that HW used a different version of the Thermostat command class, making it incompatible with 2GIG panels and as Sigma said probably most other Z-Wave controllers.

    Posted on 6/17/2014

    Review of 300673 Review by FRED
    Review of 300673

    Received my Honeywell thermostat very fast from Smarthome, packed well and undamaged. I already owned the equivalent style unit (Vision Pro TH8000) that I had installed several years ago with my A/C-heat pump. I was used to the layout and touch screen UI and found it comfortably familiar in operation to the old Honeywell model. The new unit used the identical wire connections, so that part of the install went quicker than the original very involved learning curve. The myriad of option choices in the complex setup is paid back however by allowing for a wide range of HVAC configurations. Very comprehensive. The Zwave model, though very similar in appearance is larger in every dimension. Make sure there is enough room between trim moldings for this larger "wall print." One other note: On the old tstat I had the optional external temperature probe and there is no provision for that option in the ZWave model. Initially I chose to not use the thermostat's programmable schedule as I was anxious to get the new unit into my Zwave network and check it out. The inclusion went flawlessly and my Vera saw it immediately and the response is near-immediate on temp or mode changes. I've since decided to use the Vera controller exclusively to operate the scheduling, I also have a mini-split that is controlled with the Remotec Zwave IR controller and several fans that I don't wish to be running during the day when we are away and the A/C is essentially off. Such unnecessary air movement tends to warm the house by convecting currents around less energy efficient windows. The Vera scene allows those ancillary devices to be turned on and the evening temp set all from the same scene programming. That schedule is easily disabled (or modified) when we will be late or away for a few days. The temp can be adjusted and monitored remotely by smart phone for a return to a comfy home. All and all this has been an excellent addition to my home automation project/hobby.

    Posted on 6/12/2014

    Review of 300673 Review by LARRY
    Review of 300673

    Fantastic Product, easy to install, and the Z-Wave was easy setup

    Posted on 4/2/2014

    Review of 300673 Review by HERIBERTO
    Review of 300673

    Purchased this thermostat to replace a two stage aprilaire testator for my high efficiency central air unit. I love the fact that it works with my honeywell lynx 5100 security system and that I can program this stat through the security systems remote "total connect" application. So now I can adjust temperatures from anywhere or program setbacks based on the security systems state. I would have given this stat five stars if it had the ability to also control my whole house humidifier, now that would have been over the top perfection. All in all, this was a great purchase. Ps, I did have to run an extra wire from the stat to my furnace but it wasn't a big deal.

    Posted on 3/5/2014

    Review of 300673 Review by JAMES
    Review of 300673

    Installation was a snap, even the holes on the new backing plate of the thermostat lined up with the old screw holes in the wall. Now for setup. There were two manuals with the thermostat (installation guide and operating manual). Use the **Installation Guide**. Page 6 in the installation guide shows you how to get into the installer setup which allows you to configure everything. The operating manual on page 12 shows you how to get into advanced functions which contain some of the installer functions but not all. Just use the installation guide and follow directions and it works great. Added the Thermostat to my ZWave network first try and now have remote control from my phone. This Thermostat is compatible with 2-transformer systems (separate Heat Rh and cooling Rc) leads. Just remove the jumper wire connected between Rc & Rh. It's been up and running for over a month with no issues. Great product.

    Posted on 1/26/2014

    Review of 300673 Review by CHRIS
    Review of 300673

    Very happy with this product (I purchased 2) & SmartHomes service. The only thing that would make it perfect is some help understanding how many stages of heat or cool my system is. While this isn't necessarily Smart Home's responsibility, the nature of all these products is DIY & you need to know this about your HVAC system to properly set up your Tstats.

    Posted on 1/22/2014

    Review of 300673 Review by GEORGE
    Review of 300673

    Follow the instructions and it will work great. Its nice to control the cooling from your bet.

    Posted on 11/9/2013

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