HomeSelects HS4200 Solar LED Lamp - Black

Cut Electricity Costs with a 100% Solar Powered Desk Lamp
  • 100% solar powered and eco-friendly
  • Removable solar panel to make charging easy
  • Full charge after 6 hours of sunlight
  • 4-6 hours of usage time on a full charge
  • 16 LEDs



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  • You can now add one more product to the growing number of off the grid solar powered products available to help save you money by cutting down on your electricity costs and dependence. The HomeSelects HS4200 Solar LED Lamp, Black, is a completely self-sustaining multipurpose lamp that does not use any electrical connections to power it. Instead, this lamp has a removable solar panel which stores and uses sunlight to power 3, 1.2-volt rechargeable AA batteries which power it for hours. Not needing an electrical connection gives this solar lamp the ability to be ultra-versatile and used where ever and whenever you need it. Use it in outdoor settings such as camping, hiking and barbecuing or in traditional indoor settings such as a dorm room, bedroom or desk lamp. The adjustable gooseneck makes sure that you can direct light where ever you need it most. The use of LEDs keeps this lamp cool to the touch while also making it more durable as LEDs last up to 10 times longer than traditional light bulbs. One constant, regardless of the application you choose to use it for, is that by using the free energy of the sun you will not have any additional operating costs associated with this lamp.

    To get a full battery charge the solar panel will need to be exposed to about 6-8 hours of direct sunlight either by removing the solar panel and placing in the sun or leaving the solar panel attached and placing the entire lamp in the sun. The LED lamp will have about 4-6 hours of operating time when fully charged so even if you aren't able to get a full days charge a few hours of sunlight can still get you an hour or two of lighting time. Makes a great gift for kids heading off to college to live in dorms where space and electrical outlets are limited. This Solar LED Lamp is also available in blue, green, pink and silver all sold separately.

    Hands-On Research
    This product comes pre-charged which is nice because it allows you to use it right out of the package. I was very impressed with how clear and bright the actual beam of light was that this lamp produced. I didn't expect it to be as bright as it actually was. It does a very good job of lighting up whatever area you have the beam focused on making it ideal for someone using it as a desk lamp, reading lamp or for use outdoors while camping or I would think even just barbecuing. The goose neck is strong so it will let you mold it to point the light where ever you need it. After a week of use I didn't notice any wear in the strength of the neck after moving it from various positions. Aesthetically I felt that it looked very sleek and clean. There is only one button on it which is flush with the base for turning the light on and off. It's a nice look not having a cord running out of the back of the lamp which only increases clutter, limits where a lamp can be used and takes up a wall outlet and subsequently power. This lamp is completely off the grid and is powered solely by its removable solar panel and rechargeable battery. What this means to its user is that it has zero operating costs after purchase. The solar panel removes very easily by simply pushing up from underneath the panel.

    I wanted to test how well the lamp would work after it had been drained and charged a few times to make sure there wasn't a difference. I drained the battery twice, recharged and times 2 and 3 worked just as good as the first in my experience. HomeSelects says the battery will last 4-6 hours and in my experience that was spot on. Both times it went for about 5.5 - 6 hours before completely dying. As the battery started reaching its end the light output does fade so that acts as a warning that the lamp is dying due to the fact there is no other way of knowing. The thing that I probably enjoyed most is that I was able to charge the solar panel simply by removing it and placing it on the dash of my car. Since I work in an office I was wondering how I could best charge the panel since I would not have access to direct sunlight. That was an easy solution to an issue that I thought could be a potentially big flaw. All in all I thought this was a very cool product that is more functional than a regular lamp and would make a great gift for someone.
    Jason T - Smarthome employee

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer HomeSelects International
    Manufacturer Product No. HS4200
    UPC 854451003000
    Dimensions L 15in x W 11in x H 2in
    Weight 2 lbs
    Charge Time 6-8 hours for full charge
    Usage Time 4-6 hours of light when fully charged
    Power Source Solar panel and 3 rechargeable, 1.2V AA batteries
    Solar Panel Removable (unscrews from lamp base)
    LEDs 16
    Lamp Neck Adjustable
    On/Off Push button on lamp base
    Color Black w/ silver neck
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