HomeSeer HT-SEL Hometroller Advanced Home Automation Controller

HomeSeer HT-SEL HomeTroller Advanced Home Automation Controller

Remotely Control Z-Wave, Insteon and Several Other Home Automation Devices
  • Controls Light Switches, Thermostats, Door Locks, Garage Doors, Water Valves, Energy Monitors, Environmental Sensors, Cameras and More!
  • Runs all Linux-compatible HomeSeer Drivers (plug-ins)
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Includes voice control and programming through compatible Android devices
  • Can issue spoken messages for alerts, announcement and reminders
  • HomeTroller Software is ranked #1 Home Automation System for 2014 by
Interface Requirements:
Z-Wave: SmartStick+ or Z-NET
Insteon: PowerLinc Modem (PLM)



List Price: $400.00

Your Savings: $3.31

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  • HomeTroller-SEL is the fastest and most affordable "SE" series controller! The unit is designed to control light switches, thermostats, door locks, audio / video equipment, cameras, garage doors, water valves, energy monitors and much more. Home owners can access HomeTroller-SEL at home or via the cloud with just about any smartphone, tablet or table-top touchscreen. A free standard cloud-based "myHomeSeer Remote" service provides easy remote access without storing your sensitive data in the cloud. With HomeSeer, your intelligence stays at home, ensuring better security and reliability.

    You can remotely control lights based on time and occupancy, control thermostats based on schedules and occupancy, and ensure entry doors are closed and locked. Additionally, monitor video cameras with your phone or tablet, automatically shut off water when leaks are detected, and keep tabs on your secondary home or rental property. Control energy costs based on usage and projections, detect vehicles entering or leaving your driveway, ensure garage doors are locked before bedtime, and control audio and video equipment. HomeTroller even allows you to program your home by voice can receive spoken alerts while delivering spoken announcements and reminders.

    The "HomeTrollers" line of automation controllers are internet-independent home automation controllers that provide full-time (24/7) automation and access to your home. With HomeSeer, your personal information is never stored in the cloud and you home will always be automated, even during an internet outage. Competing "smart hubs" store your personal information in the cloud and are totally reliant on the internet for automation and access to your home. If your internet connection is interrupted, all automation features and access to your home are disabled

    One Smart System
    One Complete App!

    The HSTouch Android and iOS mobile apps put you in control of virtually everything in your home from just about anywhere in the world. With HomeSeer, you'll always know what's going on at home.






    Door Locks


    Garage Doors


    IP Cameras





    Water Valves


    Energy Management





    Voice Control




    Home Theater


    Security Integration

    HomeSeer Controller Comparison

        Zee S2  SEL
     SEL PRO  S6  S6 PRO
     System Features
     Control Software HS3 Pi S2 HS3 HS3PRO HS3 HS3PRO
     Operating System HS3 Pi S2 HS3 HS3PRO HS3 HS3PRO
     Available Drivers (Plug-Ins) Choice of 5 Linux All Linux All Linux All Win All Win
     Main System Support
     Door Locks
     Garage Doors
     Energy Management
     Security Systems * * *
     Audio Video Equpment * * *
     Irrigation Systems * * *
     Pool & SPA Equipment * * * * *
     Home Phone System
     Main System Support
     Insteon / * / * / * / * / *
     UPB * * * * *
     PLC-BUS * * * * *

    = included
    = not available
    * = available for additional cost separately

    Homeseer Plug-ins

    HomeSeer controllers also support a variety of other devices including productd from such brands as Phullps Hue, Nest, HAI, RCS, Onkyo,. Sonos, Russound, Denon, Pioneer, Onkyo, Elk, Harmony, and many more. "Plug-ins" are software drivers that allow HomeSeer systems to work with various technologies and devices. Many plug-ins are available for free; many are paid. Plug-ins may be downloaded and installed from within each system. Check this list of plug-ins available for these HomeSeer HS3-based systems for current availability. Below is general list of brand support which should be matched up with the list noted above for a more complete compatibility picture.

        Zee S2  SEL
     SEL PRO  S6  S6 PRO
     Z-Wave (All Brands)
     Phillips Hue * *
     Z-Wave (All Brands)
     Nest * * * * *
     RCS Serial
     HAI Omnistat
     Door Locks
     Z-Wave (All Brands)
     Denon Receiver * *
     Pioneer Receiver * *
     Onkyo Receiver * * * * *
     DSC Power Series * * * * *
     Ademco * * * * *
     GE Concord 4 * *
     Elk M1 * * * * *
     iTunes * * * *
     Windows Media Player * * * *
     DirecTV * * * * *
     Pool & Spa
     Goldline AquaConnect * * * * *

    = included
    = not available
    * = available for additional cost separately

    Control the Rest of Your World Too!

    IFTTT is a free optional web service that allows users to create "recipes" to integrate the apps, products and services they love and use everyday. Activate the HomeSeer channel on IFTTT and you'll be able to do some pretty amazing stuff! Check out some of the examples below.

    Your Home is Always Within Reach!

    HomeSeer offers an Android-powered Control Pad tabletop touchscreen that puts your home within easy reach 24 hours a day! The unit is free standing, has built-in Wi-Fi, stereo sound and boots automatically to the HSTouch mobile app. The Control Pad is the perfect HomeSeer control portal for:
        •  bedroom nightstands
        •  kitchen counter-tops
        •  living room coffee and end tables
        •  basements, garages and work benches
    and, since it's Android-powered, Control Pad can multitask by running scores of other Android apps as well.
  •  Specifications

     Brand  HomeSeer
     Manufacturer Part Number  HT-SEL
     UPC Coder  610585164242
     Control Software  HS3PRO (includes free license for HSTouch Designer & HomeSeer-branded plug-ins)
     Operating System  Linux
     CPU  1.58 GHz Dual-Core with 1 MB Cache
     RAM  4 GB
     Boot Time  < 20 Seconds
     Storage  32 GB SSD
     Ports  Ports: LAN, 3x USB, HDMI, VGA, Split Audio
     Compatibility Requirements  • SmartStick+ or Z-NET required for use with Z-Wave
     • CM15a required for use with X10
     • Smarthome 2413U PLM required for use with Insteon
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  • •  Owner's Manual
  • •  HomeTroller-SEL-PRO unit with embedded HS3PRO
    •  Universal Power Adapter (US plug)
    •  All HomeSeer Brand Software Plug-in License Codes
    •  HS3Touch Designer Software License Codes

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