HomeSeer HSPRO - Home Automation Software Pro - CDROM

Control and Monitor Lighting, Appliances, Security, HVAC, Telephone and Home Theater All from Your Home Computer


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  • Control Lighting & Appliances
    HomeSeer works with 'powerline', 'hard-wired' and 'wireless' technologies for total lighting and appliance control. Homeowners can use easy to install plug-in hardware modules (for table or floor lamps) or built-in modules such as wall switches and outlet receptacles. Lighting 'scenes' may be created with precise dimming levels to suit activities, moods and changing light conditions within the home.
    Requires: PC interface, lamp / appliances modules or wall switches

    Control Security
    Connect HomeSeer to your security system and supercharge it's capabilities! With HomeSeer, security alerts can turn all your home's lights on, announce an intruder, shut down your HVAC system, email you at work, call your cell phone, display camera views on your TV or trigger any number of events within the home. And, because HomeSeer is web-enabled, you'll be able to monitor and control all security activities remotely.
    Requires: Open-interface security system, HomeSeer plug-ins or scripting

    Control HVAC
    Programmable thermostats have been available for many years but they're all limited to just a number of 'timed' events. By adding a HomeSeer-controlled thermostat, here are just a few of the things you'll be able to do: 1) Raise or lower the thermostat when your security system is armed or disarmed; 2) Receive an email or phone call when the temperature goes above or below specified temps; 3) Turn your A/C on by cell phone on your way home; 4) Shut down your HVAC system when fire or smoke detectors are triggered.
    Requires: Open-interface thermostat, HomeSeer plug-ins or scripting

    Control Telephone
    Here are just a few of the things you can do with a HomeSeer-powered telephone system: 1) Dial by voice; 2) Create message 'boxes' for the whole family; 3) Automatically email messages as MP3 attachments; 4) Use voice commands to control HomeSeer from any telephone in the house... or in the world! 5) Listen to your messages over the internet! 6) have HomeSeer phone when anything special happens in your home.
    Requires: HomeSeer Phone software, specialized modem

    Control Home Theater
    Complete audio and video control are close at hand! Use HomeSeer to control TV, DVD, VCR, Cable, Dish and Stereo systems. HomeSeer also supports Microsoft Windows Media Center (MCE) 2005, Windows Media Player 9 & 10 and other popular media players. Add a wireless touchpanel to your coffee table and you'll have the latest in home theater control!
    Requires: IR controller, HomeSeer plug-ins or scripting

    Additional plug-ins are available through the manufacturer.
  • System Requirements
    • Windows 7, XP, Vista and 2000
    • 800 MHZ or faster recommended
    • 512 MB or RAM recommended
    • 150 MB or more of hard disk space
    • You must be a system administrator to install the software
    • Virtualization environments are not supported
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