HomeSeer HSM100 Z-Wave Multi-Sensor

HomeSeer HSM100 Z-Wave Multi-Sensor

Motion, Temperature, and Luminance Sensors in a Single Unit


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  • Motion Sensor
    The sensitivity of the HSM100 motion sensor is fully adjustable, allowing pet owners to adjust the unit for best performance without false positives. The unit has a range of 30 feet and the sensor angle of view is 90° (horizontal). For best performance, mount the unit flush against a wall at a height of 6-8 feet. It is not necessary to point the unit downward. An exposed side-mounted button allows for easy unit testing and setup and the default setup cycle (10 mins) provides HomeSeer users and installers plenty of time to configure the unit.
    • Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR)
    • 30 ft Range
    • 90
    • Specifications
      Manufacturer Product NoHSM100
      Frequency908.42 MHz Z-Wave Frequency

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      Review of 12677 Review by SCOTT
      Review of 12677

      I have the Vera 3 monitoring a house 1 hr drive away. The unit paired easy and was working fine. It runs through batteries in 1 day to about 2 weeks. Obviously that will not work. I had to return it as defective.

      Posted on 1/9/2013

      Review of 12677 Review by HARRY
      Review of 12677

      Really cheap hardware inside, definitively not work the price. Using with Vera3 I had to scale the reporting to every 5 minutes because first set of batteries only lasted 3 day. Still not sure if it works as a motion sensor - light and temperature sensor work OK with 5min reporting

      Posted on 7/1/2012

      Review of 12677 Review by JohnR
      Review of 12677

      This is a solid device, however, depending on how you have poll / wake-up settings configured this depends on application, these devices will eat batteries, and I mean within weeks. The 'for a year' spec is on the outside, with only intermittent triggers I expect.

      In fact, you will note that 'S2s' are available on other sites that are set with 'taps' for external power supplies. Give that some thought, and by reply, encourage SmartHome to start stocking / selling those units. Converting old units for external is doable, but takes some effort.

      Posted on 3/20/2012

      Review of 12677 Review by DARRELL
      Review of 12677

      The homeseer multi-sensor works well. First I tried pairing it with my Vera3 and it had issues updating so I paired it my older Vera2 and bridges the Vera2 to Vera3. Actually no issues with the sensor itself. Only 4 stars for battery life.

      Posted on 3/1/2012

      Review of 12677 Review by Rich
      Review of 12677

      Bought two to use for monitoring temperatures through out home. Found my self using them also as motion detection devices. Great products.

      Posted on 7/28/2011

      Review of 12677 Review by Alex
      Review of 12677

      Awesome, works great!, easy to set up.

      I'm using it with Homeseer Pro.

      Posted on 7/5/2011

      Review of 12677 Review by TIM
      Review of 12677

      I'm only using the temp sensor in it, but works great.

      Posted on 6/26/2011

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