Wireless Security Cameras

You no longer need expensive, wired home security systems with professional monitoring. Instead look into a wireless security camera. From Ring to Nest and Netgear Arlo, all the major smart tech brands have wireless security cameras to fit your needs.

Wireless security cameras help ensure your family and your home stay fully protected at all times. Whether you want an indoor or outdoor camera, you can cover all areas of your home and garden with wireless security cameras to keep out unwanted intruders.

In the unlikely event of any security breach, you’ll have recorded footage in HD video as evidence. You can access your wireless security camera remotely using your smartphone, so there’s no excuse to feel like your house is vulnerable, even when you’re enjoying yourself on vacation.

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Indoor Security Cameras

Indoor smart security cameras have a much more limited scope than their outdoor equivalent. Nevertheless, they can be surprisingly valuable. You can keep your eye on the inside of your home when you’re away, ideal if you have service staff in the house. You’ll also be able to check up on pets and children when you’re caught up late at work. Some indoor cameras with audio can also double up as effective baby monitors.

Indoor Security Camera

Outdoor Security Cameras

The far more popular choice, outdoor wireless security cameras are one of the first lines of defense against burglars. Weather-proofed and equipped with night vision and motion sensors, you can keep your eye on your home remotely with any unwanted intruders caught and recorded on your wireless camera. While indoor cameras are a nice extra, no self-respecting smart home should be without outdoor protection.

Outdoor Security Camera
More About Smart Wireless Security Cameras

​Flexible Security Solution

A wireless security camera means you won't have any of the hassle or expense of drilling and wiring to contend with. Not only are these surveillance cameras super-simple to drop into place, this flexibility also allows you to move them around whether to alter the position or when you move home.

Secure and Protected Against Power Outages

With a traditional wired security camera, the surveillance system will go down and leave you exposed in the event of a power outage. While wireless security cameras do need your home WiFi network, some of the better cameras offer a back-up cellular connection as well as a battery back-up. With footage stored in the cloud, you won't lose any potential evidence either.

Easily Expandable System

Your needs are always evolving, and with wireless security cameras, you can quickly build out your system over time. With indoor cameras, you can kit out a nursery to protect any new additions to the family. Outdoors, you can add in floodlights and other cameras if your requirements change.

Remote Access and Seamless Integration With Other Devices

As with all the best smart home kit, you can get your wireless security cameras working in harmony with a full range of compatible devices with absolute ease. You can also stay aware of the comings and goings in your connected home remotely with alerts pinged to your smartphone in the event of any camera being triggered.

Professional Installation

Maybe you're not at all practically minded, and you hate the idea of any installation? Perhaps you want to give a home security camera as a gift to your elderly neighbor? Luckily, here at Smarthome we specialize in solving problems for you. We've teamed up with HelloTech to offer smart home installation of selected devices and kits including security cameras. This in-home technical support service gives you the benefit of qualified and thoroughly vetted technicians to make your life easier. Click for more details or check the box (circled below) before you add the device to your cart.

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