Home Control Assistant HCAPLUS13 Plus V.13

Home Control Assistant HCAPLUS13 Plus V.13

Windows Based Home Automation Controller for Insteon, Wireless and IR Technology
  • Integrates Insteon (all of the latest firmware), UPB, and X10 power line technologies
  • Create client user interfaces to match the needs and skills of different family members
  • Amazon Alexa Skill available for voice control of devices, groups, and programs
  • Supports whole-home wireless and IP addressed IR interfaces from GlobalCache
  • Powerful visual tools for creating programs and schedules


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  • Home Control Assistant (HCA) is a Windows based home automation program that works with a variety of automation interfaces to control lights, appliances, irrigation, HVAC and more. With HCA's Programming, Scheduling, Checkbox control, and Power Track, you can easily save money, reduce electrical usage, conserve water and improve safety by automating your home.

    The Home Control Assistant runs on any computer that uses post-XP Windows including Windows 10. It works with automation interfaces to control lights and appliances in your home using X10, Insteon, Wireless and IR technology.

    HCA can be installed in a home with existing automation hardware. HCA includes a powerful Designer that makes it simple to add existing Insteon, X10, and UPB automation gear. A new automation solution is also easy to create using the Designer or the built-in Wizards for creating a new file, adding devices, creating new schedules, and new programs. Once you have defined all the hardware, adding schedules and programs is simple using the Visual Tools provided. A configurable Control Interface is available to create a user-friendly method of controlling a selected set of devices, programs, and groups in your design.

    The Home Control Assistant can be operated in stand-alone mode, where a single computer runs HCA and has the attached automation interfaces, or in Client-Server mode. In Client-Server mode one computer runs the HCA server and has the attached automation interfaces. One or more clients run on other networked computers and can simultaneously access the server. These clients see the standard HCA User Interface and can control the automation design as well as make changes to it. Setting up HCA Plus for client-server mode – needed for mobile clients and Alexa support - is well documented. An Android client is available for download at no-cost from the Google App Store or Amazon App Store. An iPhone / iPad application is available for download at no-cost from the Apple App Store.

    Additional Features:

    • Integrates Insteon (all of the latest firmware), UPB, and X10 power line technologies
    • Amazon Alexa Skill available for voice control of devices, groups, and programs
    • Nest Learning Thermostat support
    • Powerful visual tools for creating programs and schedules
    • Unlimited number of programs to respond to events. Constructed in a graphical manner from over 60 different actions
    • Extensive logging facilities to capture all dynamic aspects of your design
    • Integrate with other applications: security, power management, and cameras using HTML views
    • Send email and SMS messages as part of a program action
    • Create and view Insteon scenes in a graphical manner and remotely program them into Insteon devices
    • Bridge power line technologies by using multiple power line interfaces simultaneously
    • Create bridge maps to automatically translate between different interface commands
    • Integrates weather data from web based or weather station sources
    • Powerful "whole house modes" and "checkbox control" for quick power saving programming
    • Background design checker quickly locates design problems
    • Configurable Alert Mechanism for handling exceptional conditions
    • Many tools for creating, viewing, modifying, and documenting the design
    • HCA is well documented in an extensive User Guide
    • Email based technical support

    Product Comparison Chart - Standard vs. Plus

    Product Comparison Chart

    Please note that when using HCA for control of Insteon home automation devices, a PowerLinc modem is required, available with a USB Interface (SKU 2413U) or Serial Interface (SKU 2413S), each sold separately.
  • General
    Manufacturer Home Control Assistant
    Manufacturer Product No. HCAPLUS13
    UPC -
    Compatibility Compatible with X10, INSTEON, UPB, Wireless and IR
    OS Windows Vista, Win 7, Win 8.x, Win 10
  • 2 Reviews

    Very stable Review by Scott
    Very stable

    I switched from using a combination of Insteon Hub II for remote access and HouseLinc for programming to HCA. While it does not do every single thing I could ask for, it does A LOT and is very stable. We are very happy with ability to leverage TTS or other audio alerts based on events like a door being opened or closed. There is not a way to manage a scene with different dimming levels... you can create a group of devices which all turn on together. I still have more to explore and learn, but is working well on Windows 10 so far.

    Posted on 6/16/2017

    HCA programming Review by Mark
    HCA programming

    will not like windows 7. You have to really dig to find that statement. Programming keeps disappearing. Complicated setup. Works with Windows 10 but not that great. Documentation does not describe the inaction between "rooms" and "scenes" and the needed relationship.

    Posted on 2/20/2017

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