Heath / Zenith Dual Brite Motion Sensor Motion Activated Security Light, Black

Motion-Activated Light can Save up to 80% in Outdoor Lighting Costs While Keeping Property Secure
  • Turns on lighting when motion is detected and automatically turn lighting off
  • Dual Brite timer with three lamp modes: Normal, Soft, or Flash
  • Operates only at night to save energy
  • LED indicates motion was sensed (day or night)
  • UL listed



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  • Keep your property secure and well-lit, but only when necessary. This Heath / Zenith Dual Brite Security Light is only activated when motion is detected, so you won't be wasting electricity by leaving the lights on all night. Using motion-activated lighting can save you up to 80% on outdoor lighting costs. With an exclusive patented photocell, this security light ensures lights will only operate at night, so you won't lights won't activate in daylight when you won't use them. A manual override mode allows the lights to function as switch-controlled lights, if desired.

    Set the Dual Brite timer to keep the lights on at half-bright for a set period of time after dark, providing a gentle light source for high traffic areas, such as front porches or patios. Lights will go to full-brightness when motion is sensed, then go back to half-brightness.

    Use this security light as a crime deterrent to keep would-be intruders and trespassers. CreepZone®is a patented technology that eliminates dead zones in motion detection areas. Standard motion security lights operate with detection zones away from the light but cannot detect motion directly beneath the light. This security light detects motion directly beneath the light in addition to the left, right, and front zones. RangeBoost® provides up to 100 feet of coverage in a 270° area around the light. Pulse-Count technology reads heat and movement in pulses as opposed to single occurrences to prevent false triggering.

    This product is also available in rust, sold separately.

    • Range: Up to 70 ft. (21 m); 100 ft., (30.5 m) with Range Boost. [varies with surrounding temperature]
    • Sensing Angle: Up to 270°
    • Electrical Load: Up to 300 Watt maximum incandescent (up to 150 Watt maximum each lamp holder) or up to 60 Watt PAR SBCFL (up to 30 Watt maximum each lamp holder)
    • Power Requirements: 120 VAC, 60 Hz
    • Operating Modes: TEST, AUTO and MANUAL MODE
    • Lamp Modes: Normal, Soft, Flash
    • Time Delay: 1, 5, 20 minutes
    • DualBrite Timer: 3, 6 hours, Dusk-to-Dawn
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    • Light control unit
    • Rubber plug
    • Plastic hanger
    • Two (2) wire connectors
    • Mounting bolt
    • Mounting strap
    • Two (2) shells
    • Six (6) screws (3 sizes included)

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