HDMI 1.3 Cable, 3 Foot

Affordable HDMI Cable for a High Definition Video and Audio Connection
  • Bandwidth to support all SDTV, EDTV and HDTV video signal transfers
  • HDMI rating of 1.3
  • Type-A to Type-A connectors
  • Compatible with single-link DVI-D


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  • If you have new video components that support HDMI inputs for high definition (HD) resolution, this is a high quality and affordable transfer cable. It is ideal for HDTV sets, Blu-ray players/recorders, DVD players/recorders, gaming systems and set-top cable/satellite receivers. This HDMI cable is specifically designed to carry audio and video signals (eliminating the need for multiple cables) along with multimedia or device-controlling signals. The compact size of this cable makes it perfect for use in equipment racks and tight spaces. Additional cables are available in six foot and 15 foot lengths, each sold separately.

    Type-A to Type-A Connectors
    Type-A connectors have 19-pins. They can be connected to receiving devices with a Type-B plug using an HDMI cable with a Type-A plug at one end and a Type-B plug at the other. However it is not possible to connect a transmitting device with a Type-B plug to a receiving device with a Type-A plug.

    HDMI 1.3 Rating
    The HDMI version, 1.3 represents several improvements over previous HDMI versions to offer a pristine connection for today's and tomorrow's HD components. The standard has increased bandwidth, supporting 1080p signals for full uncompressed signals up to 340mMHZ (10.2 Gbps), deep color (up to 16 bit) for rendering over 1 billion colors, broader color space, Lip Sync to incorporate automatic accurate synching between audio and video, and lossless HD audio.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: GWC Technologies
    Manufacturer Product No.: CD1GG090
    Length: Approximately three feet (180cm)
    HDMI Rating: 1.3
    Data Rates Supported: Up to 10.2 Gbps
    Connectors: Type-A

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    • 3 Foot HDMI v1.3 A to A Cable

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