Remotely Control Your Door Lock with INSTEON and Bluetooth Smartphone


Hands-Free Doorlock


Our project this week provides a great way of remotely controlling your door locks with INSTEON as well as having a door unlock automatically as you approach using the Bluetooth features of your smartphone.




Here is the diagram we are working from:




For this demonstration we are using the following products:


1 #2412N SmartLinc INSTEON Central Controller
1 #2450 INSTEON I/O Linc
1 #53310 Phantom Keyless Home Entry System
1 #5500 Plastic Project Box
1 #7279 Elk Delay Timer/Relay


Aside from the above; you will also need a Bluetooth-enabled smart phone; 20-22 gauge wire; basic tools (drill, hammer, screwdriver) and a chisel or router.


Figure 1Step 1) Remove your existing strike plate on your door. Using the electric door strike as a guide, mark the outline of the strike making sure to align the doorknob latch with the slot on the new strike.


Step 2) Using a router or other tool, cut the hole for the electric door strike into the door frame. Once the electric strike fits flush with the door jam, set the strike aside (no not screw the strike in place yet).


Step 3) You will need to drill two holes through the wall. Start with a hole going from the inside door frame, straight through to the back of the hole you cut for the electric strike. The second hole will need to go from the outside door frame to the back of the hole cut for the electric strike.


Step 4) Cut the antenna wire (ribbon cable) mid-way between the controller and antenna on the Phantom Bluetooth device. Before you cut, make sure you mark the orientation with a permanent marker so you can align them later.


Step 5) Temporarily attach the Controller (marked with 'OPEN') in the interior wall, near the hole you drilled (but not over), passing the ribbon wire and the short white wire (for the door strike) through to the cutout hole for the door strike. You can leave the long white power cable hanging down from the controller for now).


Figure 4Step 6) Attach the antenna module to the outside wall over the hole you drilled, repeating the step of passing the ribbon wire through to the cutout for the door strike.


Step 7) Reconnect the ribbon wire from the controller to the antenna making sure that the orientation is correct. Once connected, tuck the ribbon wire into the cutout for the door strike.


Step 8) Plug the I/O Linc into the nearest outlet. This is your INSTEON controller and will be used to trigger the electric door strike from SmartLinc on your Smartphone or any other INSTEON controller or scene.


Step 9) Connect the plastic project box to your desired location. This will be used to house the relay/delay module. Once the box is mounted, start wiring the relay board per the wiring diagram above passing the wire from the 'COM' terminal out the hole to the door strike.


Step 10) Connect the 12v power from the transformer to the controller and relay terminals per the wiring diagram above then plug in the transformer to a wall outlet or other source of power. When the system powers up your Bluetooth antenna will beep and the door strike will click locked.


Step 11) Set your Smartphone to pairing mode (consult your devices instructions if necessary) then press and hold the 'OPEN' button on the controller until 3 long beeps are sounded. Your Smartphone should prompt you for a PIN (found in the Phantom Blutooth box). Once entered, your Smartphone will be paired with the antenna and will unlock the door strike when in range. Test your system by doing this, and by touching the 'N/O' and 'COM' leads on the I/O Linc. Each should result in the door strike being opened.


Step 12) Mount your electric door strike into the door jam and screw into place, making sure one last time that it is aligned with the latch on the doorknob. Finally, mount the controller and antenna with the included two-sided tape.


Step 13) Install your SmartLinc INSTEON Central Controller to your LAN per the installation instructions. Once installed you will be able to create a scene that will allow you to unlock your door from anywhere in the world.


Installed Phantom Bluetooth




Wireless IP CameraConnect a wireless IP camera to your INSTEON network and you can see who's actually at your front door if you are opening remotely through SmartLinc.


Connect another I/O Linc to the relay and you can receive notifications via HouseLinc that your door has been opened.


Add an electromagnetic lock to your door lock system to keep your door securely closed.


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