Hawk-I HAWK-390VOSIRCD 700TV Line Outdoor Dome Camera with Varifocal Lens, 36 LEDs - Black

Outddoor Dome Camera Captures High Resolution Images Day and Night
  • 700 Lines of resolution color
  • Weather and Tamperproof
  • External controls for focus and distance
  • 2.8mm-11mm Auto-Iris varifocal lens
  • On Screen Display (OSD) and external controls for focus and distance



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  • This high end dome camera from Hawk-I comes at an affordable price, and is both weatherproof and vandalproof, making it ideal for virtually any outdoor setting to monitor your property. With a 1/3" Sony H Sony Effio Chip and varifocal lens, this camera is able to produce high-resolution (700TV line) video images. There is large array of IR LEDs (36) built-in, which delivers premium image reproduction in color, at night, in 0.3 lux (near total darkness) conditions. Take control of your camera using the On-Screen Display (OSD), which gives you control options of Backlight, AGC, Motion detection, DNR, High Light Compensation, Mirror.

    Connect to a Digital Video Recorder
    Old video surveillance systems used to require a remote access system, a camera multiplexer; a time-lapse VCR, and an unlimited supply of videotapes for remote viewing and digitally storing video from a multi-camera system. Now you can get the capabilities of all those products in one with a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). By connecting multiple cameras to a DVR, you will be able to record and review video footage of activity around your property. You can even remotely access your video footage using a Network Digital Video Recorder (NDVR).

    Lux rating is the amount of minimum illumination that a camera can have and still pick up an image, 0 being the lowest, or no light. So the closer the lux rating is to 0, the better the camera will operate in no light or low light situations. This Varifocal Dome Camera can pick up images in 0.3 lux using its 36 Infrared (IR) LEDs.

    Resolution is the amount of horizontal TV lines that make up a picture, so the higher the number of the resolution, the better clarity your picture will have. Note that the monitor or recording device you use must have a resolution equal to or greater than the resolution of the camera, as it will do you no good to have a camera that can output in 600 lines of resolution but have a monitor or recording devices that only picks up images at 300 lines of resolution. This Varifocal Dome Camera has 700 lines of resolution, better than broadcast television (480 Lines).

    On Screen Display
    This Varifocal Dome Camera has an On-Screen Display (OSD) which allows you to see and control the camera's various features. Typically this allows you to adjust settings for the camera, for example: shutter, white balance, back light control, and more.
  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Hawk-I Security
    Manufacturer Product No. HAWK-390VOSIRCD
    UPC 000355000557
    Image Sensor 1/3" Sony Effio
    Resolution 700 TV Lines, High Resolution
    Synchronizing System Internal
    Video Output 1.0 Vp-p Composite 75 ohms
    Minimum Illumination 0.3 lux
    Full OSD Control Backlight, AGC, Motion detection, DNR, High Light Compensation, Mirror
    Operation Temperature -4° F - 122° F
    Storage Temperature -4° F - 122° F
    Power Supply 12V DC, 24V AC
    Lens 2.8-12mm
    Weight 2.1 lbs
    Dimensions 4.7" x 4.26"

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