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Halloween Ideas with Philips Hue

Set the Ambiance - Add light, dim spaces and create shadows

  • Step 1: Place a Philips Hue Go inside of a carved pumpkin
  • Step 2: Put a Philips Hue Lightstrip Plus under your cupboards, island/bar counter, or entertainment area
  • Step 3: Replace your regular bulbs or recessed bulbs with Philips Hue A19 and/or BR30 bulbs
  • Step 4: Dim them down low and put them to a similar setting; aside from the Jack-o'- Lantern (giving it its own, brighter setting)
  • Step 5: Use an app like Hue Halloween to have Philips Hue lights respond to sounds. Or use Hue Disco and set your lights to flash and change shading with the beat.
  • Step 6: Take it to the next level by adding fog from a smoke machine or use some dry ice

Make it Uncomfortable – make guests fearful of the unknown

  • Step 1: Add Philips Hue BR30 bulbs to your current overhead lighting in your hallway
  • Step 2: Create dissension by (a) using the Philips Hue app and set your lights to a quieted, fluorescent green, and (b) include a glimmer impact using the strobe function on the Hue Disco app
  • Step 3: Position a "fallen" lamp on the other end of the hallway, lit with a Philips Hue A19 bulb, to cast an erie light over the floor and on the wall
  • Step 4: Finally, put a Philips Hue Go behind a slightly cracked closet or other bedroom door
  • Step 5: Take it to the next level by adding fog from a smoke machine or use some dry ice.

Change the mindset – no more normal

  • Step 1: Put Philips Hue A19 bulbs in your outside fixtures, table lights, behind your front window and in your entryway
  • Step 2: Utilizing the Philips Hue application, make two scenes (a) regular lighting, slightly dimmed (b) everything blood red
  • Step 3: schedule changes between the two scenes to create instant mood changes throughout the night

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