HAI RC-1000BL Omnistat2 Single Stage Conventional and Heat Pump Thermostat - Black

HAI RC-1000BL Omnistat2 Single Stage Conventional and Heat Pump Thermostat - Black

Save Energy and Maximize Comfort with this Elegant Thermostat



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  • Energy Efficiency
    This thermostat is equipped with Energy Efficient Control (EEC) that continually monitors the performance of the HVAC system and uses Stage 2 (heat or cool) and Stage 3 (auxiliary heat) only when necessary. If it determines that Stage 1 is able to heat or cool at a rate of 5 degrees per hour or better, Stage 2 will not be used. If Stage 1 is unable to heat or cool at this rate, the thermostat will use Stage 2 as needed. Under these conditions, Stage 1 will run continuously and Stage 2 will cycle on and off as needed. In extremely cold conditions, the auxiliary heating will be used when Stage 1 and/or Stage 2 is not heating at a sufficient rate.

    Cool Anticipator
    This adjusts the tendency of the HVAC to run the cooling system to refresh and dehumidify the air before the temperature rises to the desired cool settings.

    The HAI Omnistat2 Multistage and Heat Pump with Humidity Control Thermostat works with HAI home control systems and other manufacturer's automation systems. There is an expansion port for wireless communication.

    Temperature Sensor
    Supports one external temperature sensor for indoor or outdoor, sold separately. Please note that if an outdoor sensor has been set up, the outdoor temperature will recognized and displayed.

    Remote Control
    It has the capability to be controlled remotely through the telephone or Internet, separate connections and parts required.

    Important note: The HAI Omni series of products is professional grade and should only be installed by a licensed professional.

    This product has been awarded the ENERGY STAR. Click here to view all ENERGY STAR products.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer Product No.:RC-1000BL
    Electrical Rating:Designed for 24 VAC heating and cooling systems; 2 A; 50/60 Hz
    Maximum Current:2 A on any circuit, 3 A total
    Systems Supported:
  • Single Stage Heat/Cool Conventional
  • Heat Pump (2 Stage Heat / 1 Stage Cool)
  • Dual Fuel Heat Pump (2 Stage Heat / 1 Stage Cool)<
  • Certifications:UL, FCC, CE, Energy Star compliant
    Warranty:2 year manufacturer, limited

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  • HAI Omnistat2 Single Stage Conventional and Heat Pump Thermostat, Black
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