Guardian Wireless Global MG Global Marine Guardian System

The Ultimate Security Solution for Civilian, Charter and Commercial Watercraft
  • Monitor you boat any where in the world when you can't be there
  • Take action to prevent sinking and loss
  • Know where your boat is, anytime and all the time
  • No landline or cell phone needed, and no contract ever



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  • The number one threat to a boat in the water is sinking. Rainwater, leaking fittings, and damaged hoses can all contribute to unwanted water intrusion. Loss of power can lead to dead batteries, wasted food in the refrigerator and even sinking. The Global Marine Guardian monitors these critical systems no matter where in the world your vessel is. The wireless sensors monitor for high water in the bilge, loss of shore power and low battery voltage. The wireless sensors communicate with the Global Marine Guardian main control box aboard. The main control box communicates within seconds with Guardians automated message center and sends event specific automated messages. Messages are sent to up to 4 vessel owner chosen E-mails, phone numbers and text numbers. These contacts can be changed by the vessel owner at any time. The message sent is event specific, in the event of high water the message is "This is your Global Marine Guardian you have received a high water alarm, press the pound key to acknowledge." All notification data such as, time of call, event and acknowledgement are logged by the Guardian server. This gives the vessel owner verification that the call was answered and acknowledged. From The Guardian Systems web site, vessel owners can view vessel location, event history, system status, access and update contact information from any PC, hand held device or smart phone. Vessel owners can remotely arm/disarm the system from the web site. Global Marine Guardian sends daily status messages including date and time, if the system is armed or disarmed, and battery voltage. If the system is armed, vessel owners will see the vessel location on a chart. Up to 30 messages are included monthly. Global Marine Guardian communicates through the geostationary satellite network, no land line or cell phone is needed. The Global Marine Guardian operates from the boats 12V power system. With a low month to month monitoring fee, you never have to sign a long term contract. You can stop and start your service at any time for any reason.

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    • 1 - Main control box
    • 1 - LED Arm/disarm indicator
    • 1 - Satellite antenna and 15' antenna cable
    • 1 - Arm/disarm key fob remote
    • 1 - High water sensor
    • 1 - AC (shore) Power sensor

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