How to Choose the Right Greyfox product for You

Setting up Your Greyfox Structured Wiring Distribution System
Many of today's new homes are being built with not only telephone and electrical wiring throughout, but also cat. 5 twisted pair wiring. This data wiring provides for easy connections to home computer networks, but you can also take advantage of its presence by establishing an expandable home network center for your phone lines, Internet connections and computer peripherals, and even your home entertainment. Once your control center is established, providing or switching phone, Internet, or entertainment services to another room in your home can be done in minutes, without running additional wires. Whether you're in the process of building a new home or simply taking advantage of the wiring already existing in your home, Greyfox has a wide array of products designed to help you create the structured wiring distribution system that's best for you and your family.
Selecting a Structured Wiring Enclosure
The first thing you'll need to design your system is an enclosure to house all of the modules that will control your telecommunication, home entertainment distribution, and computer network. The selection of the structured wiring box will be dependent upon the size of your home and the number of components you wish to control. The smallest enclosure available is the Trio, which will hold three single-space Greyfox network modules or one double-space and one single-space network module. But don't let its small size fool you: The Trio is easily expandable, thanks to its expansion connectors that allow you to join multiple network centers. A Trio is also available with a 1-source, 4-location video module and a 4-line, 12-outlet telephone module built in.For the average-size home with a more involved home network, the FoxBox is an expandable option designed to distribute voice, data, video, and audio. The two included mounting brackets provide the capacity for six network modules; by installing additional mounting brackets, there is space in the FoxBox home network center for 10 modules and in the FoxBox Plus home network center for 15 modules, enough for even complex network installations in medium- to large-size homes. Both boxes come with a flush metal or hinged cover; the hinged covers can be locked securely by adding a lock kit.The largest structured wiring boxes available are the Titan boxes. Available in 14 x 32-inch and 14 x 42-inch sizes, the Titan provides central distribution capabilities for large home networks. Designed for video amplification and distribution to 40 locations, the Titan offers plenty of depth inside the enclosure for easy wire management and installation.
Adding Accessories to the Enclosure
Once you've selected the ideal enclosure for your distribution needs, you'll need to outfit the box with the mounting brackets and other accessories to contain your selected telephone, networking, and entertainment modules. Brackets can be installed as you need them, so you don't need to create your entire network when you're just beginning your structured wiring distribution system. Depending on the modules you wish to install, choose from the following available brackets:The Circuit Board Mounting Bracket will accommodate a variety of security controllers, allowing you to integrate security into your structured wiring system. This bracket will contain such popular security controllers as the GE NetworX NX-8E, and FBII XL5LT, as well as the Ademco Vista-10P, 15P, 20P and Vista-40. Greyfox telephone, video, and Internet modules come in two sizes: single height and double height. Brackets are created to fit these modules, including the 3-Bay Single-Height Module Mounting Bracket and the Single-Bay, Double-Height Module Mounting Bracket. A Third Party Accessory Bracket is also available for the installation of third-party routers, modems and switches for your local area network. Designed specifically for the Titan mounting enclosures, a Trim Kit fills out the wiring box with a wing mounting bracket as well as a five-bay video distribution bracket to send video content to your entire home. An Additional Video Mounting Bracket is also available for expanded video coverage. Attractive, sleek covers are also available for the 32-inch Titan Box and the 42-inch Titan Box. Created especially for the Titan boxes, these covers offer a clear window for easy viewing of your modules, but the can be locked securely with the included lock and keys.
Installing Modules in the Enclosure
Telephone ModulesBy installing a telecom module in your enclosure, you'll be able to access up to four telephone lines in up to 12 rooms of your home. Changing your home office from one room to another? No new phone lines will be required. Simply direct the proper line to the new location, and access will be available in minutes. Three different telecom modules are available. The 4 x 10 Telecom Module distributes four incoming telephone lines to as many as 10 locations, using 110 punchdown connectors for user-friendly configuration. For easier connecting, try the 4 x 12 Telecom Module, which can distribute four lines to 12 locations, using a plug-and-connect design for simple line reconfiguration. For maximum ease of use, the 4x12 Telecom Module w/Configurable Primary Line has pre-configured ports that allow for changing lines and locations in seconds.If you have a security system installed, all of these modules have the capability of seizing your phone line automatically in the event of a security breach to contact your home security company. Computer Networking ModulesUse your structured wiring distribution system to create a home network. Several modules are available designed to allow you to share peripherals and network space or gain access to the Internet using a single high-speed connection. Network all the computers in your home with the 5-Port Ethernet Switch Module, a 10/100 base-T Ethernet network switch that links up to five devices, including computers, printers, and modems. To protect your network and provide high-speed Internet access through DSL or a cable modem, install the 4-Port or 8-Port Internet Firewall Router, which provide Internet access and networking functions, as well as firewall protection for a secure home network of four or eight computers, respectively.Video Distribution ModulesUnlike many structured wiring systems, the Greyfox systems are designed to send entertainment throughout the house in addition to telephone and home networking capabilities. By installing video modules in your wiring enclosure, you'll be able to send video from a single source to multiple outlets in your home, ending the need of running cable or purchasing and maintaining multiple satellite dishes. The 1 x 4 Video Module sends video from a single source to four locations in your home. It can also combine four video signals onto one cable. Ideal for use with cable TV or antenna, this four-way video splitter/combiner can be used to send a video source to four locations, creating a video network in your home. A 1 x 8 Video Module is also available to send video from a single source to eight locations in your home. The 1x1 Bi-Directional Video Amp Module amplifies the signals from digital cable, video on demand, and even cable modems for clearer reception.If you receive your video entertainment via satellite, install the 1 x 4 Satellite Video Module to send satellite content to four locations in your home.
Expanding Your System
Numerous additional products are available for each Greyfox structured wiring distribution system. Some, such as wall plates in the rooms receiving access, are required. All of these products are sold separately, making the Greyfox system completely configurable and flexible so that every home can have the ideal structured system in place for its needs.

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