Goldline Controls GLC-2P Electronic Solar Pool Heating Control System

Goldline Controls GLC-2P Electronic Solar Pool Heating Control System

Save Money by Automating Your Solar Pool Heating System!
  • Reduce utility bills by making your existing solar pool heating system more efficient
  • Increase the performance of your solar investment anywhere from 15 to 50%
  • Automatically switches between heating and cooling, ensuring the water is "just right"
  • Prevents solar heating systems from cooling a warm pool at night
  • Assures years of trouble-free peak solar performance
  • State-of-the-art sensors and controllers optimize energy usage



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  • Make heating your swimming pool or spa as easy and trouble-free as heating your home with the Electric Solar Pool Heating Control System. Just like a home thermostat, where you set it and forget it, simply adjust the system's thermostat to the water temperature you prefer, and this money-saving system will automatically turn the valves or pumps of your existing solar heating system on or off until the water reaches that temperature. Try it out in your pool and in no time, you'll find that it increases the performance of your solar heating system from 15 to 50 percent!

    The system works by comparing the temperatures of your solar heating system with the water in your pool or spa. For example, if the solar heating system is warmer than the pool/spa water, the controller will turn the motorized valve to allow the pool/spa water to flow through the solar heating system to absorb heat. When the pool or spa water reaches the same temperature as the solar heating system, the controller turns the valve again so the pool/spa water will no longer flow through the solar heating system. This feature not only keeps the pool from overheating, it also reduces the likelihood of bacteria growth. If desired, the system will automatically keep the pool from getting too warm in the hot summer months by reversing its operation and actually cooling your pool at night.

    The Electronic Solar Pool Heating Control System is built into a locking, weatherproof enclosure, and has terminal strip connections for incoming 120VAC or 240VAC power. Output rating is 24VAC, 20 watts, 0.85 amps, the industry standard for pool/spa valves. The system comes with a valve assembly for two-inch PVC pipes, motorized actuator assembly and sensors for the pool & solar panels. All connections are out of sight, behind the inside cover plate, protecting them from unauthorized tampering. LED indicators show the status of system operation. System test switch and recirculation freeze protection also featured.

    Don't Have a Solar Pool Heating System Yet?
    If you want to increase your pool's water temperature by 10° to 15°, without increasing your monthly utility bills, we recommend starting with this high-quality Solar Pool Heating System. This low-maintenance system is not only affordable, but surprisingly easy to install. Anyone with bare minimum do-it-yourself prowess can have this up and running in no time!
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