Global Cache FLC-RC Flex Link Relay and Sensor Cable

Global Cache FLC-RC Flex Link Relay and Sensor Cable

Add Intelligence to Devices not IP-Enabled
  • For use with iTach Flex
  • Connect electrical devices to a WiFi or wired Ethernet network instantly
  • Access, monitor, automate, and control standalone equipment
  • Web-based control protocol using HTTP
  • Control and monitor equipment using just one cable
  • 4 relays and 4 sensor inputs
  • Small footprint
  • HTTP API and TCP API available
  • LED indicators to show state of sensor inputs and relay outputs
  • Supports DIN rail mounting for simple installation
  • Simple push release terminals allow for quick setup
  • Easily configurable for common relay types to allow full control of your devices
  • Made in the USA and RoHS compliant

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  • The Flex Link Relay and Sensor Cable is an Input/Output cable designed exclusively for use with an iTach Flex Wireless, iTach Flex Ethernet or iTach Flex Ethernet with PoE connected device (either is required and each are sold separately). The cable provides relay outputs and sensor inputs which allow a variety of devices to be controlled, automated, and maintained by network-based software. . External devices can be easily connected via the built-in push-release terminal blocks. The Flex Link Relay and Sensor Cable enclosure can be mounted directly on a DIN rail, allowing for simple integration with external relays. Configuration is accomplished through hardware jumpers and software API. The relay outputs are fully-configurable to operate as a number of different standard relay types and are capable of controlling a wide range of devices. The sensor inputs are configurable to allow detection of contact closure as well as AC and DC voltage.

    Input and Output Connector Blocks

    The board provides terminal connector blocks for connecting external devices. These connector blocks are physically grouped as relay outputs and sensor inputs. Each distinct port within the relay outputs or sensor inputs uses 2 terminals. Relay ports can be configured as individual SPST relays but can also be logically grouped with other ports to create other common relay type configurations. Input ports are all individually configurable and support either voltage sensing or contact closure modules.

    Relay Outputs

    The relay outputs can be configured (via hardware jumpers and API as note above) to operate as various common relay types. Each relay configuration has a configurable default state. This allows the relay to be setup as either normally open or normally closed. The supported relay types include:
        •  Single Pole, Single Throw - Each physical port functions as an individual relay and each relay uses
           a single port. For example Port 1 uses terminals 1 & 2, Port 2 uses terminals 3 & 4.
        •  Single Pole, Double Throw - Two physical relay output ports are grouped such that pins 1 and 4 and connected as the common pole with
           double (2) throws (positions) to terminal 3 and terminal 2. This mode is useful for application where two separate outputs are needed, rather
           than simply turning a device on or off.
        •  Double Pole, Double Throw - Four ports (two relay blocks) are configured as a pair of SPST relays. In this mode, the two SPDT relays are
           linked so that both throw simultaneously.

    Sensor Inputs

    Sensor inputs are versatile and allow for sensing contact closure as well as the presence of voltages (between ±3V and ±24V rms value. Each terminal block provides 2 input ports (a port used 2 terminal pins). Each input port on an input block can be configured independently. To configure a port for voltage input, disconnect all jumper or store jumpers vertically in the bottom two positions of the jumper pins. To configure input ports for contact closure the jumpers should be placed vertically on the top two pins of each column of jumper pins.
  •  Specifications

     Brand  Global Cache
     Manufacturer Part Number  FLC-RC
     UPC Code  810466010679
     Setup  • Configurable via jumpers and iTach Flex integrated web server or software API
     Relay Outputs  • 4 SPST relays with transient voltage suppression and push release terminal blocks
     • 24V AC/DC or .5A N.O. contact relays
     Relay Configurations  • Single Pole Single Throw (SPST)
     • Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT)
     • Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT)
     Voltage Sense Mode  Sense AC/DC voltages ±3v (RMS) to ±24v (RMS)
     Contact Closure Mode  Sense contact closure Use for input from devices or feedback from external relays
     Cable/Connector  • 3.5mm four conductor jack to Flex Link Port on iTach Flex devices
     • 4 easy push four terminal blocks for relay and sensor connections
     • 4.5 foot cable
     • No power supply required
     Mounting  Enclosure is DIN rail mountable
     Dimensions  3.24”w x 2”l x .9”h
     Warranty  • Two year limited warranty
     • Support available via phone, email, and web portal
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