GE Large Backlit Button Home Theater Universal Remote Control

GE Large Backlit Button Home Theater Universal Remote Control

Replace Multiple Remote Controls with a Single, Easy-to-use Universal Remote Control
  • Controls up to four home theater and/or IR controlled devices
  • Allows for a manual addition and search of IR codes
  • Sleek blue backlit buttons for use in the dark
  • Oversized buttons provide easy control
  • Retains Codes when changing batteries



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  • It can be a pain to use electronic home theater components when you have a separate remote control for your TV, cable or satellite receiver, DVR, DVD player, Blu-ray player, VCR, and stereo system. The GE Large Backlit Button Home Theater Universal Remote Control makes juggling multiple remote controls a thing of the past. Combine four of your remote controls into one easy-to-use universal remote control by manually entering the proper four digit device code for each component, or if that isn't available, you can manually search through codes to locate the right one. The buttons are large and even emit a blue glow in the dark to make using this remote control simple. This GE universal remote control is easy to use, easy to program, and it gives you total control of your home theater at your fingertips! This product requires the use of two AAA alkaline batteries, sold separately.

    Battery Saver
    The remote control will automatically turn off if the buttons are depressed more than 30 seconds. This will save your batteries should your remote get stuck in a place where the buttons remain depressed (e.g. between the sofa cushions).

    Code Saver
    You have up to 10 minutes to change the batteries in your remote without losing codes you have programmed. However, do not press any buttons until batteries are installed in the remote. If buttons are pressed without batteries in the remote, all the codes will be lost.

    Code Search
    If your product does not respond after you have tried all the codes for your brand, or if your brand is not listed, you can attempt to have the remote control locate the correct code using the SETUP feature which allows you to manually go through one code at a time. Once the code has been found, you can even have the remote indicate what the four digit code is for future reference.

    Other Features
    • Controlling Combo Devices
    • Controlling Devices Requiring Separate Power On and Off Buttons
    • DVD/DVR Punch-Through Feature
    • Volume/Mute Control and Punch-Through Feature
    • Setting ALL Volume/Mute Control to any one Mode
    • Setting any Mode to use its own Volume/Mute Control

      Please Note: Some functions from your original remote may not be controlled by this remote. Use the original remote, if available, to control such functions. Sometimes buttons other than described in these instructions may actually perform the function. For example, the CH and VOL buttons might be used to navigate through menu choices. It is recommended you experiment with the remote to identify if such situations pertain to your equipment.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: Jasco
    Manufacturer Product No.: 24116
    UPC: 0043180452337
    Power Supply: Two AAA alkaline batteries, sold separately
    Warranty: Manufacturer 90 day limited

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    Remotes Works great (the included manual is not correct) Review by Simplify
    Remotes Works great (the included manual is not correct)

    I had to google search to find the operating instructions as the manual was incorrect. Once I got working instructions the remote works extremely smoothly! I love the bright back-light when it's dark!! And the lights are activated by pushing the glow-in-dark light button! ALL BUTTONS LIGHT UP!!!

    Posted on 1/22/2015

    Review of 5940 Review by ALICE
    Review of 5940

    Fast service. Even when something was backordered I still got my items rather quickly. I recommend this shoppers website to everyone.

    Posted on 1/8/2014

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