GE 17448 Utility Remote Controlled Light

Light Anywhere You Need It!
  • No bulb to replace
  • Cool to the touch
  • Easy touch operator
  • 6 LEDs
  • 12 inches long



List Price: $29.99

Your Savings: $9.68

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  • This utility light from GE, features six LED bulbs in-line on a mountable 12" case. The lights can be turned on and off wirelessly with the included remote control. Ideal for spaces where you can't run electricity, this device provides enough lighting for any small space, such as a bedroom closet, kitchen pantry, hallway, or laundry room. Both the light bar and the remote control are battery powered, so wiring is not necessary.
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    Review of 59392 Review by TIM
    Review of 59392

    lites work fine but they turn themselves on without the remote sometimes when I am not around and wear out the batteries guessing maybe something sets then off but yet to find out what have changed batteries twice in 2 units in a short time just shut other 4 units off

    Posted on 3/16/2013

    Review of 59392 Review by DON
    Review of 59392

    after some confusion thru's listing all the quatity of product arrived. Lighting is stylish and works and looks great in chosen locations. Highly recommend

    Posted on 7/26/2012

    Review of 59392 Review by DON
    Review of 59392

    lighting is bright and functional and very easy to install.

    Posted on 7/21/2012

    Review of 59392 Review by Art
    Review of 59392

    These lights are great. I have them mounted in my computer hutch, which has glass doors, and in the CPU compartment. However, there is are a couple of flaws; one of which is major in my opinion. 1 The remote unit constantly searches for a signal from the light units, thus drawing battery power. This drains the batteries in a week or so. Batteries are NOT cheap So, the recommended remedy is to place the light unit switch in the 'Off' position until you are ready to use them. This defeats the wqhole purpose of having remote controlled lights. And no disclaimer to this fact was placed anywhere on the package or in the directions, that I noticed. 2 The remote unit reacts to Bluetooth signals. This randomly turns the lights off off on. I like the product, and wish that GE or Jasco would fix this problem and send all registered complaintants replacements. I don't think this is likely to happen. I don't even have the packaging or receipts any longer.

    Posted on 2/19/2012

    Review of 59392 Review by Barb
    Review of 59392

    These lights are so cool as you can operate more than one with same remote so really nice for multiple shelving. I bought 8 for my linen shelves in bathroom and placed one remote button across room and wow instant wow looks so upscale and actually is enough light for anyone to use the bathroom in middle of night.

    Posted on 1/4/2011

    Review of 59392 Review by mark
    Review of 59392

    Great product. A lot of light for battery operated product and the remote has great range.

    Posted on 9/26/2010

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