Gardus LGM7 LintGard Dryer Safety Monitor

Gardus LGM7 LintGard Dryer Safety Monitor

Helps Prevent Dryer Fires Due to Lint Build-Up and Saves Money in the Process
  • Helps prevent dryer fires
  • Monitors backpressure in dryer vent
  • Saves money and energy
  • No electric or battery power required
  • Quick 3-step installation



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  • Take the guesswork out of trying to determine if your dryer vent is clean with the LintGard Dryer Safety Monitor from Gardus. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that more than 16,000 dryer fires occur each year due to lint build-up in dryer vents. While cleaning the lint trap on a dryer before each use is helpful it is only a small step in lint build-up maintenance. Because lint is very dry and flammable, if it builds up too much in a dryer vent it becomes a very high risk for catching fire which is where the LintGard comes into play. The LintGard monitors the dryer duct and displays the amount of backpressure resulting from lint build-up on the devices color-coded gage. The 3 color zones are green (you're ok and have good airflow), yellow (airflow is weak, time to clean the vent) and red (airflow restricted and you're at risk, clean your vent now).

    Another benefit to the LintGard's monitoring of backpressure is that it can help you save money by reducing your electric bills. Dryers run for a long time and use a lot of electricity in the process, especially older models. As lint builds up the amount of airflow to the dryer decreases which leads to longer drying times or having to run the same load of clothes through multiple dryer cycles. By monitoring the amount of backpressure in a dryer vent, and then subsequently cleaning it, you can ensure that your dryer is functioning at its peak with total airflow with every load of laundry. Because the LintGard monitors airflow it doesn't require electricity or batteries meaning zero operating costs.

    3-Step Installation
    • Step 1: Mount the LintGard Monitor to the wall.
    • Step 2: Attach the VentTap Fitting to dryer exhaust duct close to dryer.
    • Step 3: Connect clear tube from VentTap Fitting to LintGard Monitor.

      The LintGard works with both single and dual motor dryers.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Gardus Inc
    Manufacturer Product No. LGM7
    UPC 181744000270
    Dimensions L 2.0in x W 6.5in x H 6.5in
    Weight 0.5 lbs
    Manufacturer Warranty 1 year
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    • 1x - LintGard Dryer Safety Monitor
    • 1x - VentTap fitting
    • 1x - 6ft long flexible tubing
    • 2x - Mounting screw
    • 2x - Drywall anchor

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