Ganz ZL-PC100 Voyaris GPS Tracking Device

Ganz ZL-PC100 Voyaris GPS Tracking Device

Keep Track of Your Loved Ones Even If They Wander Off
  • Security for children, the elderly, or vehicles
  • Emergency button sends text alerts when it leaves a "geo-fence" area
  • Alerts if a programmable maximum speed is exceeded
  • Send alerts to up to 3 cell phones

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  • Are you concerned about loved ones wandering away or needing help when no one is nearby? The Voyaris GPS Tracker has four buttons you pre-program with phone numbers so your loved one can contact you or other responsible parties. You can also set it up to call only the Voyaris call center. And there are two levels of service available: emergency response only or a full concierge service including outbound calls. It uses quad-band GSM frequencies so should work in all areas. There's a strong magnet on the back so you may attach to a vehicle and know where it is at all times. If desired, you may install it in a vehicle and connect to the vehicle's wiring so it interrupts the starter circuit. Place it in your car when you use valet parking so you'll know if it went on an unauthorized joy ride. Take it with you when you go hiking in the wilderness so you may call for help if needed, and rescuers will be able to find you, because it reports your exact location. Programming is all done through a personalized web portal. Its internal lithium-ion battery charges via an AC adapter (included).

    We've all seen the TV commercial with the tag line, "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" The Voyaris gives the elderly a perfect solution to remaining independent, yet being able to instantly summon assistance if the need arises. Hardly a week goes by without a news story about someone getting lost and a great search effort taking place, sometimes covering an entire forest or half the city. If only Voyaris had been placed in a pocket, searchers would know exactly where the person is, even if he or she does not press the emergency button. Imagine your peace of mind, knowing where your wanderer is at all times!

    Requires a service plan from Voyaris, available as either:
    Emergency Voice Plan offers 24-hour, 7-day on-demand emergency response services only.
    Standard Voice Service provides outbound calls, complete location-based services, emergency response, and concierge services like directions to restaurants, gas stations, roadside assistance, and more.

    SOS Emergency Button
    The emergency SOS button connects to the 24/7 Live Operator Emergency Response Center, displays the emergency location alarm on the map, at the current location, automatically sends text alerts to 3 pre-programmed cell phones, and additionally sends an alarm notice to 3 e-mail addresses.

    Speeding Alarm
    A maximum speed limit can be set by the owner from any computer. Speeding Alarms are saved by the server to be displayed on the tracking history report.

    Geo-Fence Alarm
    Up to 4 user-defined geographic areas, or Geo-Fence boundaries, can be programmed through any computer. The Geo-Fence Alarm notifies 3 pre-programmed cell phone numbers and e-mail addresses when the device enters or leaves one of the designated Geo-Fences.

    Anti-Theft Alarm
    A pre-determined Geo-Fence can be created with the programmed button to trigger a text message notification to all pre-programmed cell phones and all pre-programmed e-mail addresses if the device is moved beyond the Geo-Fence.

    Low Battery Alarm
    A low battery alarm notifies the Emergency Response Center, where servers automatically send text messages to the 3 pre-programmed cell phones and the pre-programmed e-mail addresses.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer CBC
    Manufacturer Product No. ZL-PC100X
    UPC 781904656608

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    • 1x - Voyaris GPS Tracking Device
    • 1x - SIM card (installed)
    • 1x - 850mAh Lithium-Ion Battery (installed)
    • 1x - AC Adapter
    • 1x - USB Earphone
    • 1x - Instructions

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