Ganz ZCL1 Cloud H.264 IP Camera

IP Camera with Integrated Online Video Management
  • No local server or network configuration required - automatically connects to the Ganz Cloud and begins capturing video
  • H.264, True Day/Night with Ultra Wide Dynamic Range imager (up to 110 db)
  • Intelligent, object based motion detection
  • MicroSD card storage with patented bandwidth shaping (2GB card included)
  • Encryption and Signing protects images with strong stream based encryption
  • ZCL1 software is automatically maintained by the Ganz Cloud service.
  • Tightly integrated with the Ganz Cloud online service providing high end video
  • management functionality from any browser or mobile device



List Price: $449.99

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  • The Ganz ZCL1 is a state of the art video camera, providing 720x480 video (DVD quality) at 20fps. It features true day/night capability with both an Infrared exchanger (providing true color during the day and full IR capability at night) and high light sensitivity with very long exposure times (8 fps at night). Ganz ZCL1 also features an Ultra High Dynamic Range (UHDR) sensor, which allows you to see in shadows and bright light at the same time.

    There is no need for complicated configuration and installation. Simply plug the camera into your broadband connection and it will connect to the service. Then, log in to view your video. With no network configuration or firewall modifications, the Ganz ZCL1 avoids the traditional security and IT issues on your network. The Ganz ZCL1 uses Power over Ethernet, so a single cable provides power and connectivity.

    The Ganz ZCL1 uses carefully tuned H.264 for very good full resolution video at less than 400kbps. Ganz ZCL1 combines object based motion detection with on-board SD Card storage work on even less bandwidth per camera. With unique and patented bandwidth management functions (Shaping, Backing, Purging), this IP camera provides reliable high quality remote monitoring without dedicated connectivity. With an SD Card installed, Ganz ZCL1 records video even when your network is down. The recorded video is automatically made available as soon as connectivity is restored.

    NOTE: Requires a valid subscription to the Ganz Cloud Service Plan ZCLS-12 (sold separately).

    • Imager
      • 720x480 Resolution HDR CMOS Sensor
      • 4.7 V/Lux Second
      • Day Mode
        • 20 FPS
        • Color, up to 110db Ultra Wide Dynamic Range
        • Minimum light 1lux
      • Night Mode
        • 8 FPS
        • Black and White, up to 80db Ultra Wide Dynamic
    • Range
      • Visible light and IR sensitive
      • Minimum light 0.1 lux
    • Integrated IR Filter and Exchanger
      • True color during daylight and full IR sensitivity at night
      • 675 nm cut filter when engaged
      • Compatible with IR Illuminators
      • Day, Night, and Auto selection modes
    • Connection
      • Ethernet 10/100 BaseT RJ45 Connector
      • PoE Class 2 Device
    • 2GB MicroSD Card
      • Includes 2GB MicroSD Card
      • Automatic formatting
    • Lens Mount
      • Industry standard M12 mount
      • Supports lens with minimum mechanical back focal length 5.75mm or greater
    • Included Lens
      • F1.8, 4x varifocal lens
      • Horizontal FOV of 25 to 70 degrees
    • Imaging Formats
      • H.264 baseline profile video
      • High quality full resolution JPEG images
      • JPEG thumbnails
    • Bandwidth
      • < 384 kbps live streaming bandwidth
      • 5 kbps default daytime shaping bandwidth
      • Supports up to 8 cameras sharing typical entry level cable or DSL without impacting existing business applications
      • Support up to 32 cameras on single T1
    • CPU
      • TI - DM6446 at 594 Mhz
      • 297 Mhz ARM9, 594 Mhz DSP
      • 128 MB DRAM
    • Power
      • Power Consumption: < 5 Watts
    • Environment
      • Operating temperature range: 32°F-120°F (0°C to 50°C)
    • Camera Mounting Kit (included)
      • Selectable foot - drop ceiling scissor mount or 2.5" diameter screwmount (with screws and anchors)
      • 1 - 1" and 2 - 2" extenders
      • 180 degree adjustable head
    • Tripod Socket
      • Industry standard 1/4-20
    • Dimensions
      • 7.0° L x 3.6° W x 1.9° D (with lens)
      • 5.5° L x 3.6° W x 1.9° D (without lens)
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