Single Room Lighting Kit - Scene Lighting Control


Single-Room Lighting Control in a Box!
Single Room Lighting Kit
Single Room Lighting Kit
Fill the room with four distinct mood-lighting scenes with the press of a button.
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  • Includes everything you need to automate 1 built-in light fixture and 2 plug-in lamps
  • Change the mood of a room instantly with 4 mood lighting scenes
  • Expandable with additional Smarthome modules

Purchasing Information

If you've been wanting to try automated lighting control in your home, but don't know where to get started, we've got a complete, cost-effective solution! The Single Room Lighting Kit gives you everything needed to link one built-in in light fixture and two plug-in lamps so that you can fill the room with four distinct mood-lighting scenes with the press of a button. Yet installation of the system is as easy as replacing a standard light switch — no new wires are required! In fact, your system can be up and running within an hour of opening up the box.

Scene Lighting
With scene lighting, a single press of a button is all that's needed to adjust all the lights in the room to match your activity or mood preference. For example, you may want to create a movie-watching scene called "Movietime" that illuminates the room with a soft, gentle glow. Or you may want to create a scene called "Reading" that dims the overhead light fixture, but puts the lamp next to the easy chair at full brightness. Scenes can be configured and named any way you choose. Custom labels can be inserted behind the keypad buttons so you can see which scene you're choosing (pre-printed labels are included of the most commonly used functions, but you can also print your own on any computer printer).

Totally Expandable
If you decide you like automated lighting control — and we're confident you will — integrating additional lights throughout the house is easy with Smarthome's wide array of expansion plug-in dimmers, keypads and dimmer switches. In fact, the entire Smarthome Design product line can be mixed and matched to create a custom lighting solution for the whole-house. And if you expand with Smarthome Design products that support scene lighting, you can add up to 60 additional lighting scenes, for a total of 64.

The Single Room Lighting Kit includes:

  • 1 KeypadLinc 6 w/Integrated Dimmer (#12073W) — The KeypadLinc 6, an elegant, backlit keypad with integrated dimming features, acts as the central controller of the Single Room Lighting Kit. It replaces an ordinary light switch in the room. Installation takes usually no more than 15 minutes, and it uses the same wires that your old light switch connected to (requires the neutral wire found in most homes). For more information about the KeypadLinc 6 w/Integrated Dimmer, click here.

  • 2 LampLinc Plus Plug-In Dimmers w/Scenes (#2000SLS) — These plug-in dimmers do exactly as the name implies: plug into any standard AC outlet. Then simply plug the lamp you want to control into the outlet on the bottom of the LampLinc. The LampLinc even offers a pass-thru outlet on the front, so you'll still have a non-automated plug available when you need one. LampLincs also have built-in memory, allowing you to automatically turn lamps on to your preferred dim level every time. You can also program the LampLincs to turn on with a gentle fade, which is easier on your eyes and extends the lifespan of light bulbs. 400W maximum. For more information about LampLinc Plus Plug-In Dimmers, click here.

  • 1 SignaLinc Plug-in Phase Coupler (#4816B2) — Because the KeypadLinc and LampLincs communicate through the two-phase wiring that's already installed in your house, you may encounter communication difficulties if the units are connected on two different phases (a common occurrence). The SignaLinc corrects that problem by creating a pathway between the two phases. It connects into the 3-prong electric dryer 220V outlet found in most homes (built prior to 1996). A pass-thru outlet on the front allows you to keep the SignaLinc and your all-electric dryer plugged in simultaneously. For more information about the SignaLinc Plug-In Phase Coupler, click here.

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