FREEVOLVE HE TH1 housEvolve Thermostat


FREEVOLVE HE TH1 housEvolve Thermostat

Fully Featured Up to 9 Event Programmable Thermostat
  • Programmable digital thermostat (daily, weekday, weekend; 9-event program capability)
  • Automatic HVAC state changeover (Heat-A/C)
  • Supports single-return, 24V, standard or single-stage Heat Pump HVAC systems with or without auxiliary heat
  • Two-stage display backlight system allows for no-touch viewing in most lighting conditions
  • Rechargeable battery power back-up provided by Main Controller Simple user-interface
  • Compatible with 24VAC single-stage HVAC systems, including single stage heat-pump systems, with or without auxiliary heat
  • Can be used in Zoned HVAC systems (the housEvolve system supports up to 5 zones)



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  • The housEvolve Thermostat is a fully featured, programmable thermostat designed to work with all standard 24VAC HVAC systems as well as single stage heat pumps.

    This module offers local and remote access including HVAC state switching (Heat-AC-Off), providing the user with full remote temperature control.

    You can call in by phone and change your home's temperature to the degree of your choice (between 45F and 85F) and/or switch your HVAC state through an easy to use voice menu.

    Remote Features*
      Full temperature control by phone, just key-in any degree point between 45F and 85F
      Full HVAC state control (A/C, Heat, Off)
      Current temperature report
      Current HVAC operating mode report
      Temperature out of bounds alert
      Freeze alert for temperatures below 40 degrees
      Overheat alert for temperatures above 90 degrees

    *Remote Features Require Main Controller
  • 3 Reviews

    Review of 71402 Review by RAE
    Review of 71402

    still studying manual have not yet installed,will be installed in a rental so will require a lock box inst.appears i will have to install net line.

    Posted on 2/2/2013

    Review of 71402 Review by Ron
    Review of 71402

    For years I've been looking for a unit that would protect my summer home. Every winter I'd be worried about pipes freezing and water damage. I live an hour away and would make trips to check the house. Now I have information
    and complete control of my hvac system. I can raise or lower the temperature or turn the system off from any location I can use my cell phone or landline. After installing the unit at my shore home I purchased a unit for my primary home. Easy to use I can save energy by calling and setting the thermostat to weather conditions of the day. High quality and made in the USA. Great support from very nice people.

    Posted on 10/25/2009

    Review of 71402 Review by Marvin
    Review of 71402

    extremely happy with my housEvolve system. when using the thermostat with the main controller, i have FULL CONTROL over my hvac system - meaning i can adjust the temperature and switch my hvac state remotely. i can also monitor the temperature and receive alerts if there are any problems the system detects. this is a quality product.

    Posted on 10/20/2009

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  • 1 - housEvolve Thermostat
    1 - 25ft network cable
    2 - mounting screws
    1 - 9V battery

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