Foard System Design FS-1000110-83 UPB Compact Controller

Foard System Design FS-1000110-83 UPB Compact Controller

Highly Capable Yet Low-Cost UPB Home Automation Controller
  • Single protocol home automation controller
  • Supports UPB link commands
  • Run-time monitoring, control & data logging from PC
  • Open interface protocol supports programs you write
  • Intuitive configuration of device interactions
  • Extensive timer, macro, & operating mode capabilities
  • Native monitoring, control, and configuration access via LAN, wireless LAN, & the Internet
  • Floor-plan oriented GUI with included graphics editing tool



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  • The Foard System Design FS-1000110-83 UPB Compact Controller is a highly capable yet low-cost single-protocol UPB home automation controller. It supports UPB devices, including UPB link commands for groups and scenes. The compact controller can be used stand-alone after initial configuration. Input and output commands to/from the UPB devices can be mapped across to others; for example, a UPB switch could be mapped to send a commands to control other UPB devices with different addresses mapped through the controller, and also configured to operate with timer and macro devices. The UPB Compact Controller also includes a flexible macro programming capability, interval timer, and time-of-day timer support.

    Provided software is used on a Windows XP or Windows 2000 computer to configure the compact controller operation The computer does not need to remain connected during operation. If the computer does remain connected to the controller, the software can be used for run-time monitoring and/or control of system devices, using a graphical floor-plan oriented user interface. The provided FSD Automator software suite includes a built-in graphical editor for creating layout graphics. Data logging software is provided to log device state data to disk. Run-time UPB commands can also be logged, as can timer and macro states. Remote monitoring, control, and configuration over a LAN, wireless LAN, or the Internet is supported in native mode.

    Third party application interfacing is supported with an easy-to-use interface application, and also with a documented packet based monitoring and control interface via a serial port USB driver, and via TCP/IP using an included PC hosted TCP/IP to serial packet router. The packet based interface is consistent across HA protocols, so the same interface approach can be used to control X10, UPB, and hardwired devices, using other controller and bridge products in FSD's automation product line.

    • Inputs:
      • USB and RS-232 host computer ports (either may be used)
      • 9 VAC, 100ma
    • Outputs: RS-232 connection to Serial UPB Powerline Interface Module
    • Dimensions: 5" x 3" x 1"
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    • FSD UPB Compact Controller
    • FSD Automator Software Suite
    • Power Transformer, 9VAC
    • USB Cable

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