FLIR Systems Thermal Compact IR Camera with MSX, 80x60 IR Resolution


FLIR Systems Thermal Compact IR Camera with MSX, 80x60 IR Resolution

Accurate High Resolution Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera
  • 80 x 60 resolution with 4,800 total pixels
  • 3 inch color LCD, focus-free lens
  • High accuracy with ±2% temperature readings
  • MSX technology combines the best of both thermal and regular images for clear images
  • Perfect for diagnostics and predictive maintenance around your home or business


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  • The FLIR E4 Thermal Compact IR Camera with Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX) technology provides a 45° field of view in 4,800 pixel resolution to provide razor-sharp image clarity for use by home maintenance evaluators. This thermal camera lets you see the whole picture with thousands of precise temperature measurements in every image for every surface type so you'll always get accurate readings, and you can stay safely away from energized equipment. The camera reads temperatures as low as -4&degF, and as high as 250&degF with a &plusmn2% accuracy so you will be able to view almost any object's radiated heat. Additionally, the free FLIR Tools computer software (included) can be used to transfer, edit, and share captured images to show those who need to know the hidden problems found with the FLIR E4 thermal imager.

    Some of the downsides to traditional thermal imaging cameras is that the thermal readings may appear blurry with many colors blending together making whatever problem you're trying to find harder to locate. Thankfully, this FLIR E4 comes with MSX imaging technology to process and combine the best of thermal and visible images. The MSX extracts data from the visible light image and embosses it on the thermal image using special proprietary algorithms to reveal images without any loss, as well as pertinent visual data necessary to your inspection. Previous thermal cameras from FLIR featured a 25° field of view lens, but the FLIR E4 uses a 45° lens that makes the camera more useful in most field conditions since you'll be able to see more of the wall, roof, or electrical panel in just one image, saving yourself time and making for simpler reporting.

    Examples of Use
    • Electrical Problems: Detect hidden electrical problems like loose connections, faulty wiring, and failing circuits.

    • HVAC Problems: Discover leaky ductwork and troubleshoot heating, AC, and radiant flooring problems.

    • Missing Insulation: Locate poor and missing insulation by comparing temperature differences with surrounding areas.

    • Water Damage: Find and fix hidden water leaks before small issues turn into large, expensive problems.

    • Air Infiltration: Reveal air leaks around windows, doors, and other building envelope structures.

    • Mold and Rot: See temperature differences to expose moisture, avoiding extensive damage and health issues.

    • Destructive Pests: Hunt down burrowing and nesting insects and rodents before expensive damage occurs.

    What is MSX?
    MSX stands for Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX). On occasion, a typical thermal imager may lose key details apparent to the naked eye like numbers, labels, signage, structural features, and more often requiring a separate matching digital photo to reference the location of the spotted temperature issue or concern. This is where MSX technology comes in to add visible spectrum definition to IR images by detecting the edges of objects and including that detail in the thermal image. Any text that is present on viewed objects will become clearly visible so you can read a label or identifier within the IR image. This exclusive function provides extraordinary thermal detail that instantly highlights problem locations and eliminates the need to refer back to a visual image for detail. This feature is especially useful when evaluating structures or appliances since you'll be able to share and show others the specific problem.

    MSX Technology versus Non-MSX Technology
    FLIR Tools Computer Software
    The FLIR Tools Computer Software is the next step you need to take when informing others of problems found with your thermal imager. FLIR Tools is a free software solution to help you present and solve problems quickly and effectively. Some key features of FLIR Tools include:
    • Import, search, filter, and view FLIR JPEG images directly from your FLIR handheld camera via USB cable or by downloading from the image's SD card

    • Edit radiometric images to thermal tune level and span, change the palette, or adjust parameters such as emissivity, reflective temperature, and more

    • Add measurement tools-spots, area boxes, circles, lines, Delta T

    • Add text annotations and edit images descriptions

    • Create professional PDF image sheets and reports

    • Add headers, footers, and logos

    • Create, import, edit, and export templates

    • Choose a report format: horizontal IR + DC or vertical IR + DC

    • Edit MSX images and "Sketch on IR/Visual" images

    • Display stored compass and GPS information

    • Perform updates on E-Series and T-Series cameras (FLIR Tools for PC only)

    • Stream live video via USB cable from select camera models (FLIR Tools for PC only)

    • Playback stored MP4 video imported from the camera (FLIR Tools for Mac OS only)

    • Switch between IR, DC, Thermal Fusion, PiP, and MSX modes (FLIR Tools for Mac OS only)

    • Re-open saved PDFs for further editing and revisions (FLIR Tools for Mac OS only)

    • Export reports to print or email for easy sharing

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer FLIR Systems
    Manufacturer Product No. FLIR E4
    UPC 845188004941
    Dimensions 11.9 inches x 5 inches x 8.1 inches
    Weight 1.2 pounds
    Display 3-inch color LCD
    File Format Radiometric jpg
    Power Supply Li-ion Battery
    Battery Life 4 hour life
    Pixels 4,800 pixels (80 x 60)
    Manufacturer Warranty 10-year detector protection

    5-year limited warranty for battery

    2-year limited warranty for parts and labor
    Imaging Specifications
    IR Pixel Resolution 4,800 (80 x 60)
    Thermal Sensitivity < 0.15&degC
    Temperature Range -4 to 482&degF (-20&degC to 250&degC)
    Measurement Modes Centerspot
    Frame Rate 9Hz
    Field of View 45° x 34°
    Focus Focus Free
    Auto Hot/Cold Detection No
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    • 1x - FLIR E4 Thermal Compact IR Camera with MSX, 80 x 60 Resolution
    • 1x - Power supply/charger with four plugs
    • 1x - Rechargeable Battery
    • 1x - USB Cable
    • 1x - Hard Transport Case
    • FLIR Tools Software

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