First Watch Security SRG717 SecuRemote


First Watch Security SRG717 SecuRemote

Use Your Smartphone to Open and Close Your Garage Door
  • Open and close garage with Smartphone
  • Phone connects to garage via Bluetooth
  • Operates within 60-100 foot range
  • Compatible with Droid, iPhone and Blackberry
  • Works with up to 5 users



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  • Smartphone's can do just about everything from music to games to even depositing checks to a bank and now with the SecuRemote from First Watch Security they can open and close a garage door. The SecuRemote device connects to the garage door operator and then pairs to your Smartphone through a Bluetooth connection once the free SecuRemote app has been downloaded. It is compatible with Android, iPhone, and Blackberry and the app can be downloaded in each device's app store or marketplace. Once installed the local mode allows for up to 5 users to control the garage with the initial phone that is connected being the system administrator. The system administrator is able to then add or remove up to 4 additional phones and assign each either unlimited or temporary access.

    If providing access to more than 5 users is desired this can be done in online mode (annual subscription required) which allows for unlimited users and access from anywhere with web-access. After setup the connected phones will be able to operate the SecuRemote device using Bluetooth within a range of 60 to 100 feet. To power the SecuRemote it will need access to a 110 volt AC outlet upon connection to the garage door operator. The SecuRemote digital key is unique to the assigned Smartphone(s) and has 128-bit encrypted transmission.

    Local Mode
    This is the basic, free, mode that gives direct access to up to 5 users. The administrator will be able to provide unlimited or temporary access to the other connected users.

    Online Mode
    Offers a scheduling engine to allow the administrator to create multiple schedules for multiple users and/or devices. Communicates with SecuRemote device via Bluetooth and web connectivity. Allows for administrator to add unlimited to users. An annual subscription fee is required for an online account for more than 10 users or use of the scheduling engine.

    Note: iPhone users will need to re-establish Bluetooth connection after moving out of range as the iPhone will not automatically re-connect once back in range.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Belwith Products, LLC
    Manufacturer Product No. SRG717
    UPC 078555840440
    Dimensions L 4.6in x W 2.9in x H 1.0in
    Weight 1.1 lbs
    Power Supply 110V AC outlet
    Smartphone Connection Bluetooth
    Bluetooth Range 60 to 100 feet
    Administrator Initial connected phone
    Manufacturer Warranty 1 year against electrical and mechanical defects

    Compatible Operating Systems
    iOS Version 4 and up
    Android Version 2.1 and up
    Blackberry Version 4.7 and up

    Operating Mode Local Online
    Activation Range Within Bluetooth 60 to 100 feet Within Bluetooth 60 to 100 feet
    Data Location On SecuRemote device Online
    Communication Method Bluetooth between device and Smartphone Bluetooth between device and Smartphone
    Web connectivity through cellular or WiFi network
    Manage User Access Within 60 to 100 foot Bluetooth range Anywhere with web-access
    # of Users Up to 5 per device Unlimited
    # of Devices Unlimited Unlimited

    Access Management
    Operating Mode Local Online
    Add/Edit/Delete Users Yes Yes
    Register/Edit/Remove Devices Yes Yes
    URL Invite to New User Via SMS Via Email
    Email Notification Alerts Yes Yes
    Door Status Check Works with status monitor Works with status monitor
    Create/Modify Schedules Limited Yes
    Audit Log Availability No Yes
    Multiple Email Recipients No Yes
  • 5 Reviews

    review of 37200 Review by rem
    review of 37200

    Purchased this unit to try on my blackberry passport.Have had no issuses with pairing,and the device works great

    Posted on 3/6/2015

    Review of 37200 Review by wilson
    Review of 37200

    we have had it for over two years and love it. we got it after we experienced some challeges with our other garage door opener not wanting to link both our cars... my husband and i both have iphones and my my husband uses it every day!!! no issues re-connection throug hbluetooth and then go into the app to open. i now some other revies dont like it- but whats the big deal!? having said all that we just upgraded to the new iphone 5s and are having some challenges. at this time we have not been able to pair our new devices with the unit and it is driving us crazy. we have tried removing app, forgetiing the device and re-setting. the securemote app times out before it gets done pairing with the unit. just left a voicemail with the comapny to see if they have any suggestions. would have put 5 stars if we didnt have the current issues!

    Posted on 9/26/2013

    Review of 37200 Review by Glen
    Review of 37200

    Ordered this on Sunday and had it in hand on Wednesday. Installation was a snap for even someone like myself with minimal handyman skills. I tested with both an iPhone 5 with iOS 6 and an Android phone Samsung Galaxy SIII. Both worked perfectly! Other reviewers have mentioned the iPhone does not automatically establish the bluetooth connection when in range. This is true but does not bother me since I am not using my iPhone as a primary opener. Re establishing the connection takes two seconds and honestly I just look at this as another layer of security. This will be great for letting the high school kid responsible for snow removal into my garage while I am out of town. I also love the fact that the online account setup will e-mail you anytime a user accesses your garage and maintains a log of all access for up to a year. Very happy with this device!

    Posted on 1/8/2013

    Review of 37200 Review by clark
    Review of 37200

    I have been using this with the iPhone for a while now. I can say it has been very helpful for me being able to grant other users access to the garage without having to give them a code.

    The biggest downfall as Greg mentioned in his review is the inability for the iPhone to automatically connect to the garage without having to go into settings and pair it each time. I do understand this is a restriction of the iOS and not the device as it works perfectly with android.

    Overall I would not plan on using this as your everyday garage door opener as having to pair it each time is a pain. If you like to have a backup or a way to give other users temporary access it is the perfect solution.

    Last winter the entry door to my garage had the key hole iced over, same with the keypad we have outside. If it weren't for this device I wouldn't have been able to get into the garage. This one situation easily made it worth all the money in the world to me.

    Posted on 9/30/2012

    Review of 37200 Review by greg
    Review of 37200

    Please realize that this does not work properly with the Iphone. you have to reestablish the bluetooth connection EVERY time you take the phone out of range.

    It is amazing that this is not mentioned prominently in the description.

    Posted on 6/13/2012

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    • 1x - SecuRemote Device
    • 1x - Location marker
    • 1x - Wiring harness
    • 1x - Location marker buffer
    • 2x - #4 screws
    • 4x - #6 screws
    • 10x - Wire staples
    • 1x - Mounting plate
    • 1x - 110 volt AC power supply
    • 1x - Owner's Manual
    • 1x - Quick-Start Guide

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