Insteon Ceiling Fan and Light Controller, Fixture Module (Dual-Band)

Insteon Ceiling Fan and Light Controller, Fixture Module (Dual-Band)

Ceiling Fan Speed and Light Control All in One
  • Control a ceiling fan and light without running wires for a wall switch
  • Fits inside most ceiling fan canopies
  • High, Medium, Low and Off fan speed control
  • Full dimming control for light kit
  • Works with both Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant for voice control (Insteon Hub required, Alexa device and Google Assistant device each sold separately)
  • This product is an Insteon Dual-Band device

Compatible with ceiling fans with an AC motor. Ceiling fans with DC-motor and built-in remote control motors are not compatible.



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  • Ceiling Fan Speed and Light Control All in One

    Designed to easily incorporate both fan speed and light control within your Insteon network. It is a dual-load responder simultaneously acting as a light fixture dimmer plus a 4 speed fan controller (Off, Low, Medium & High)

    2475F Smartphone
    Smartphone & Voice Control

    Smartphone and Voice Control

    Control your fan speed and adjust the brightness of the attached lights all from your smartphone when paired with the Insteon Hub. You can also schedule your fan to turn on and off automatically*. For the ultimate in remote control, use your voice with Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant*.

    *Requires that you create scenes for fan speeds that you want to schedule or control by Alexa or Google Assistant. Requires Insteon Hub model 2245-222, sold separately.

    Wiring with Keypad

    How It Works

    Ceiling Fan Controller is compatible with most standard ceiling fans that do not include their own remote control. It installs inside the fan cowling between the fan and incoming power. You'll want to make sure you have access to both the fan and (if your fan has a lighting kit attached) the light control wires.

    Before finalizing your installation you'll want to link it to your selected controllers or if using software (such as the Insteon Hub), be sure to write down the Ceiling Fan Controller’s Insteon ID.

    Features Controls

    Upgrade your Switch

    If you have an existing wall switch wired to your ceiling fan, you can upgrade it with an Insteon Keypad. We recommend the 6-button Dimmer (2334-232) and using the custom fan button kit (2322-382). As previously mentioned, you’ll want to first pair both the Ceiling Fan Controller and the Keypad to the Insteon Hub (2245-222) before you program the keypad.

    Perfect for:

    Compatible with ceiling fans with an AC motor.
    Ceiling fans with DC-motored and built-in remote control motors are not compatible.

    Perfect For


  • General
    Manufacturer Insteon
    Manufacturer Product No. 2475F
    UPC 813922011548
    Patent No. U.S. Patent No. 7,345,998, International patents pending
    Insteon Features
    Insteon ID 1
    Scenes 2 responder groups
    Maximum Scene Links 400 (combined controller + responder)
    Scene Commands Supported as Responder On | Off
    Brighten | Dim
    Fast On | Fast Off
    Software Configurable Yes
    Ramp Rates (full-ON to full-OFF) 0.125 to 9 seconds if programmed locally,
    0.125 seconds to 8 minutes if programmed remotely via software
    RF Range 100 ft. (depending on your home’s construction)
    Beeper Yes
    Operation - Light Dimmer
    Insteon Scene/Group 1
    Brightness Levels 32
    Dimmer Control On | Off
    Fast On | Fast Off
    Dim | Brights
    LED Dual Color: Green & Red
    Green = On
    Red = Off
    Setup = Varies
    Set Button black
    Operation - Fan Control
    Insteon Scene/Group 2
    Fan Speeds 4 (Off, Slow, Medium & Fast)
    Fan Control On | Off
    Fast On | Fast Off
    Dim | Brights
    Brightness Off
    1% - 49%
    50% - 99%
    Fan Is Off | Slow | Medium | Fast
    LED Dual Color, Green & Red Green = On
    Red = Off
    Setup = Varies
    Set Button Black
    Wires 4, 16 gauge
    Wire Colors Black - Hot / Line
    Blue - Light / Load
    Red - Fan / Load
    White - Neutral
    Case Color White
    Plastic UV Stabilized ABS
    Dimensions 4.5" x 2.0" x .875" (114mm x 50.8mm x 22.2mm)
    Weight 112g (0.25 lb)
    Operating Environment Indoors
    Retains all settings without power Yes, all saved in Non-volatile EEPROM
    Voltage 120VAC, Single Phase
    Frequency 60Hz
    Maximum Dimmer Load 300 Watts
    Lighting Load Types Incandescent only
    Maximum Fan Load 1 Amp
    Standby Power Consumption < 1 Watt
    Safety Approved ETL
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    Seems to Work Review by Robert
    Seems to Work

    This seems to work as it should. It seems to be a challenge to get other devices to control this. Maybe because the documentation isn't very good and I don't have much experience with Insteon.

    Posted on 1/1/2020

    Fan Control Review by Richard
    Fan Control

    Was delivered quickly. Purchased two. They are easy to install and set up. One unit did not work properly (High had vibration and medium didn't work at all). Contacted Customer Service and they replaced it quickly. All is good now.

    Posted on 12/18/2019

    yA i gUESS Review by WISKOTA
    yA i gUESS


    To program you must access the little button on device so it can not be in finish install. I am still having difficulty getting the little remote to do what I want.

    Posted on 10/12/2019

    Easy to install and use Review by Scott
    Easy to install and use

    I used this on a ceiling fan in the master bedroom and it worked great. Since I installed it at the same time as the ceiling fan itself, I was able to forego installing the fan manufacturer's provided remote control, which utilized a nearly-identical control box wired into the fan in the ceiling box. Never really noticed any issues and it worked well in our house. I've since brought that ceiling fan control from our old house to our new house and even bought a second control for another ceiling fan in the house. My wife and I love having them on our fans.

    Posted on 9/18/2019

    Not Ready For Prime Time Review by DK
    Not Ready For Prime Time

    I needed a remote control for the Hunter ceiling fan over my bed. This Insteon switch, though too pricey, seemed to offer the functionality I wanted. I have an Insteon Hub and 4 or 5 switches that I can control remotely with the mini-controllers, with the iOS App, and by interfacing with Alexa. So, I set aside my price concerns and made the order

    The switch arrived quickly and I could see that it was designed to be a size equivalent to the Hunter remote module and would fit inside the cover of most regular fan installations, though not in my case. The wiring was easy (Connect the neutrals together, Hot Power to the Black wire, and Load to the Red wire) All connected and powered up. I tried the iOS App control. This worked, but was confusing to use as it has 6 selections: ON / OFF / FAN OFF / FAN LOW / FAN MED / FAN HIGH. The ON/OFF did nothing but then I realized those were light controls and I have no lights on this fan! The FAN selections worked but the speeds were Full, Maybe 10% and maybe 30% from the selections. I next attempted to pair it with my two Mini Controllers and quickly ran into all sorts of issues, most of which have to do with the arcane method of programming the Mini Controllers. Repeated attempts to gain control of the fan were for nought until I finally realized that the only way the controller could address the fan is to pair them while the fan was ON (contrary to Insteon's setup information.) Once I had cleared that hurdle I realized that one of the controllers could only turn the fan on FULL or off while the other could adjust the fan speed linearly. At this point I can say that it works - most of the time - but requires way too much fussing with to obtain the desired results. Better switch programming for the module and controllers and better instruction manuals are very much needed.

    Posted on 8/22/2019

    Some work and some don't Review by Todd
    Some work and some don't

    I have had mixed results with these controls. Some are working for flawless for years and others didn't last a year. I noticed in one the capacitor in the fan was the issue. So in all they are a great device for adding a timer to a fan is great.

    Posted on 6/27/2019

    It solved my problem Review by Richard
    It solved my problem

    I receive a defective one, but since I got the new one it works fine as it did before.

    Posted on 10/3/2018

    Insteon Ceiling Fan/Light Controller Review by Rick
    Insteon Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

    The dual controller works as billed. Controls both the fan and the light. It is somewhat "large" and requires some work to make it fit inside the ceiling fan cover. The fan control has "low", "medium" and "high" but the fan itself is always set to its "high" setting. When you switch the Insteon controller to "low" or "medium" there is sometimes a "humming" as it does this by changing the electricity flow to the motor. Something to be aware of. Also, not compatible with newer fans that have their own wireless remote control.

    Posted on 4/25/2018

    Installed and works great with some caveats Review by William
    Installed and works great with some caveats

    After reading the reviews on this product I was hesitant to buy in. But as I needed to replace the fan switch anyway and wanted to add a 6-button keypad this seemed like a good choice.
    Installation is a bit tricky for the non-electrician, like myself.

    I found a lot of great info on youtube from folks who already installed and found the gotchas ahead of time. Highly recommended that anyone view some of these before doing the install, it will cut a lot of the confusion. The key to remember is that this device IS the switch once installed and the wall switch is no longer directly controlling the fan or light. Since it's under the hood, obviously you'd need a way to control it. This is where a keypad comes in.

    It is tight once installed in the fan cowling but it fit. I suppose some fan manufacture/designs are slightly smaller or larger as some folks complained that it won't fit in the cowling. So be sure and check the specs and have a look at the cowling of the fan before buying.
    One feature I was concerned about was the status LEDs on the device. In the version demo'd that I saw many had taped the lights as the fanlinc was in a bedroom and the LED light could be seen outside the cowling. I found in the settings that I could turn the LED status lights off, so no taping them..great.

    The only hassel is adding the scenes to control the fan speeds, high, med, low and off. The light is the easy part.

    One gotcha to remember is that the fan should be on high speed and light on set by pull chain before you cut the power to install. Once installed and power back on I only had to hit the set button for the fan and it was done. Add to the hub and create the scenes and it worked great!
    After that I needed to add those scenes to the 4 small buttons on the 6-button keypad and since the keypad is also in the bedroom, turn off the LED backlights and all was well.

    Posted on 11/28/2017

    No high speed Review by Terry
    No high speed

    Installed and worked great for 1 week. No high speed now. Returned for RMA and waiting for the replacement..

    Posted on 6/16/2017

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