Fancy Paws D-ADDDL Large Dual-Flap Door-Mount Dog Door

Fancy Paws D-ADDDL Large Dual-Flap Door-Mount Dog Door

Ultra-Secure Insulated Dual-Flap Dog Door Mounts in Door
  • Heavy-duty aluminum construction is rugged and stylish
  • Ultra-secure pet door can't be removed from the outside
  • Dual flap for extra insulation
  • Easily installs in doors 1.25" to 2.25" thick



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  • If you've resisted installing a pet door due to the loss of insulation and security to your home, a new solution is available that will last for many trouble-free years and look great in your home. Best of all, the Dual-Flap Door-Mount Dog Door is beautifully engineered to be durable, insulated and secure: This heavy-duty aluminum unit mounts in your existing door and can't be removed from the outside.

    The Dual-Flap Door-Mount Dog Door is easy to install. The self-framing tunnels are an integrated, telescoping system that self-adjusts to the thickness of your door (1.25 to 2.25 inches): Once the hole in your door is cut out using the included template, the inside and outside frames just slide into each other. There is no cutting or constructing of tunnels and no screws visible from the outside.

    This heavy-duty dog door features dual flaps for maximum insulation. The dual-flap system creates an air pocket between the flaps and doubles the protection against drafts. The flexible flaps will not tear or puncture and carry a lifetime warranty. This special material withstands extreme temperatures without losing its shape, and the flaps are tinted for added security and protection against harmful UV rays.

    This dog door comes complete with a bulletproof polycarbonate security panel, which you can insert in the interior door channel to prevent intruders from entering your home via your pet door when you're not at home. A unique locking system keeps the security panel in place.

    The Large Dual-Flap Door-Mount Dog Door is designed for dogs up to 60 pounds. Door-mounted dog doors are also available for small-size (18-pound) dogs, medium-size (40-pound) dogs, and extra-large (125-pound) dogs. If you prefer to mount the dog door in a wall, a wall-mount dog door is also available for walls 4 to 7 inches thick.

  • Specifications

    Fancy Paws Product No.: D-ADDDL
    Dimensions: 14 7/16" X 20 7/16"
    Cutout: 12 5/8" X 18 3/4"
    Doors: Fits doors 1.25" to 2.25" thick
    Materials: Aluminum frame, high-impact polycarbonate (Makrolon) security panel
    Dog Size: Up to 60 lbs. (28kg)
    Warranty: Door: 3 years, limited; flap: lifetime, limited

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