eze System 111-0010-2 ezeio Web-Based Input/Output I/O Controller, Standard

eze System 111-0010-2 ezeio Web-Based Input/Output I/O Controller, Standard

Start Monitoring, Logging and Controlling Sensors and Devices over the Internet
  • 4 analog general purpose inputs
  • 2 general purpose relay outputs
  • ModBus-RTU compatible serial port
  • MicroLAN (1-wire) master
  • Standard Ethernet 10/100 port


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  • The eze System 111-0010-2 ezeio Web-Based Input/Output I/O Controller, Standard is flexible, low cost, easy to install, configure and use. It can be used to monitor/record for example energy use, temperature, pressure, flow, gases, activity, speed, vibration and anything else that there is a sensor for.The eze System ezeio Controller comes ready to use out of the box. Simply attach the power supply to the controller and Internet connect it to the Internet using the Ethernet cable, and it will start communicating with the eze System servers. There is no need for special software or network setup. The ezeio connection is encrypted, bidirectional and very efficient. The ezeio comes complete with a power supply, an Ethernet cable and 4 months of basic service. Additional service is easily purchased via the web interface.

    The ezeio Controller is a general purpose Input/Output device, capable of monitoring, logging and controlling a wide range of devices and equipment through industry standard connections over the Internet. The ezeio Controller automatically establishes a secure link to an array of redundant and secure servers, allowing live access from a standard web browser and eliminating the need for fixed IP, complex firewall setup or special software. Multiple ezeio Controllers can be set up under a single user account, thus providing a simple overview of the status of any number of sites spread out geographically from anywhere in the world. All configuration, control, and access is accomplished by logging into the secure servers via the Internet.

    The ezeio includes four (4) analog inputs, two (2) relay outputs, Microloan and Mudbugs connectivity. The ezeio can be expanded to a maximum of 40 inputs and 40 outputs, which can be a mix of analog, digital, pulse, Mudbugs and Microloan inputs/outputs.

    Additional Features
    • Runs on 8-25VDC, <1W typical draw
    • Logging interval configurable from 10 seconds up to 4 hours for each input
    • Up to four alarm thresholds for every input
    • Alarms can send email, control outputs, set modes and more
    • Live access from standard web interface
    • No special firewall or network configuration
    • HTTP XML API available for easy integration with other systems
    • Zero on-site configuration required

    • Each controller must be associated with a single account.
    • Each user is associated with a single account.
    • An account may have any number of controllers and any number of users associated with it.

  • General Specifications
    Manufacturer eze System
    Manufacturer Product No. 111-0010-2
    UPC 610563073993
    Controller Specifications
    Size 153mm x 100mm x 38mm (6.0" x 3.9" x 1.5") mounting ears extend 15mm (0.6") on each side. Hole centers are 166mm (6.5") apart. Allow at least 40mm (1.6") margin for connectors
    Weight Approx. 220g (0.5lb)
    Power 8-25VDC, <1W average, 7W peak
    Operating Environment 0-50° C (32-120° F)
    Hardwire Inputs 4 inputs on screw terminal:
    • 0-10V, 10mV resolution, >10kU impedance
    • 0-30mA, 32uA resolution, 100° current sense resistor
    Hardwire Outputs 2 relay outputs with screw connections:
    • Form C (1 pole switching)
    • Max 2A, 50V load
    Other Connections
    • Ethernet, TP 10/100, RJ45
    • MicroLAN, RJ12
    • Serial RS485, RJ45-jack
    • GSM antenna SMA (optional)
    • Up to 40 sensor inputs total
    • Up to 40 outputs total
    • Max 20 MicroLAN devices supported
    • Active pullup on data wire
    • 5V and raw DC provided
    • RJ12 jack compliant to Dallas connector standard
    • Max 50m (150ft) network length
    DC Output
    • Unregulated output, max 200mA ('+' terminals)
    • Regulated 5V output, max 100mA ('5' terminal)
    • Rev <6: RS232 Rx, Tx, RTS signals
    • Rev >=6: RS485/Modbus RTU, bidirectional 19200bps
    Configuration and Programming
    Logging Individual logging on each input. 5s to 4h interval. Automatically communicated and stored on redundant servers.
    Input Triggers Up to four alarms per input, each with alarm/restore thresholds and separate hold off times. Each alarm and restore can trip up to four separate actions, such as sending messages, controlling outputs or counters.
    Schedules Up to 20 schedules, each with four intervals and flags for each day in the week. Up to four actions for each schedule on entry/exit of an interval.
    Timers Up to 20 timers, each can be set to repeat hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Each timer can trip up to four actions.
    Scripts (Optional) Up to 64kB compiled script code, with 6kB of RAM. Extensive function library with support for floating point math, string manipulation and communication functions.
    Server Communication
    Configuration Automatic, DHCP
    Host Protocol IP/UDP, proprietary encrypted payload
    • Outbound port UDP 8844
    • Inbound port UDP 28672-32767 (random per session)
    Encryption 128 bits, unique key per controller
    Traffic Typical less than 5MB / month (depends on usage)

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    • 1x - Controller
    • 1x - Power Supply
    • 1x - Ethernet Cable
    • 1x - Owner's Manual

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