Ethereal Home Theater RG6Q-BW-500 18AWG Quad Shield RG6/U 750Ohm Coax Cable, White Jacket, 500 Feet

Economical Coax Cable Offers Superior Picture and Sound
  • 500 Feet of Coax Cable in convenient pull box spool
  • 18-gauge RG6 cable is contained in PVC insulation
  • Quad-shielded coax is designed for CATV or master-antenna TV applications


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  • Estimating and buying different lengths of coax cable can be confusing and expensive. Ethereal's Quad-Shielded RG6 Coax Cable is available in a 500-foot pull box spool, so you'll be able to cut exactly the length you need to reach every television or security monitor in your home. This coaxial cable is designed for CATV or MATV (master antenna) applications. Wire strippers, crimping tools and cable connectors are sold separately.

  • Specifications
    Manufacturer Ethereal Home Theater
    Manufacturer Product No RG6Q-BW-500
    UPC 86429177660
    Cable Length 500 Feet
    Cable Type RG6 Coaxial Cable
    Conductor 18 AWG Bare Copperweld
    Stranding Solid
    Dielectric Material Cellular Polyethylene
    Dielectric Core Diameter 0.180 inches (4.572mm) Nominal
    1st Shield Coaxial Shielding Tape (100% Coverage)
    2nd Shield Aluminum Braid
    3rd Shield Coaxial Shielding Tape (100% Coverage)
    4th Shield Aluminum Braid
    Jacket Material Polyvinyl Chloride
    Overall Cable Diameter 0.300 Inches (7.620mm) Nominal
    Approximate Cable Weight 16lbs
    Capacitance 16.2 pF/ft Nominal
    Velocity of Propagation 84% Nominal
    Characteristic Impedance 75? Nominal
    Nominal Attenuation per 1000 Feet 1.46 dB @ 50Mhz, 2.05 dB @ 100Mhz, 2.83 dB @ 200Mhz
    6.88 dB @ 1000Mhz, 7.50dB @ 1200Mhz, 8.50dB @ 1450Mhz
    9.50 dB @ 2200Mhz, 12.0dB @ 3000Mhz
    Temperature Rating -18.9° to 140°F (-2 to 60°C)
    Jacket Color White

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  • 1x - 500 Foot Spool of RG6 Coax Cable

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