ESCORT Radar SoloS3 Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector

Quick Installation Battery Powered Radar Detector
  • Wireless battery operation
  • AutoPower conserves battery life
  • Full X-band, K-band, Ka-band, and laser detection
  • Track and display up to 8 signals at once
  • AutoSensitivity mode virtually eliminates false alarms


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  • The Solo S3 Cordless Radar Detector from ESCORT is battery powered which offer's the convenience of a wireless setup in your vehicle. This allows for a cleaner look inside the vehicle and makes the Solo S3 a great radar detector for people who frequently travel due to the quick ease of installation. It provides extreme long range warning of all radar bands including X, K, Ka, and Laser with great accuracy. To protect against laser detection it uses multiple low-noise laser sensors which provide the Solo S3 with a wide field of view and long-range warning of encounters. Highway, City and AutoSensitivity modes will intelligently identify real radar threats from other sources with minimal false alarms. The three modes are interchangeable depending upon where the user is driving, though AutoSensitivity mode is recommended most driving. While in AutoSensitivity the internal computer of the Solo S3 will continuously analyze all incoming signals and intelligently adjust circuitry sensitivity accordingly. The S3 also features an ExpertMeter option which is an advanced display that allows for the tracking of up to eight radar signals at once. It will provide detailed information of up to two Ka-band, two K-band, and four X-band signals. The purpose and benefit of this feature is to allow drivers to spot changes in their normal driving environment. The Cordless Solo S3 is powered by two AA batteries (included), or an ESCORT 12V DC power supply (sold separately).

    Additional controls and features of the Cordless Solo S3 Detector are:
    • AutoPwr - Device will conserve battery power by going to sleep if it recognizes the vehicle has been stopped for 25 minutes; can also be turned off via the "PWR" button
    • Volume Control
    • AutoMute / Mute / SmartMute
    • Battery Status / Voltage
    • Low Battery Warning
    • Radar Mode - Highway, City, and Auto (recommended)
    • Brightness Control
    • Voice Alerts - Provides digital announcements for alerts and feedback; can be turned off.
    • Signal Strength Meter - Alphanumeric display features 280 LEDs.
    • ExpertMeter - Advanced display option allows for simultaneous tracking of up to 8 signals.

    • Manufacturer: ESCORT Radar
    • Manufacturer Part #: SoloS3
    • UPC Code: 737795053507
    • Operating Bands: X-band, K-band, Ka-band, and Laser
    • X-Band: 10.525 GHz +/- 25 MHz
    • K-Band: 24.150 GHz +/- 100 MHz
    • Ka-Band: 34.700 GHz +/- 1300 MHz
    • Laser: 904nm, 33 MHz bandwidth
    • Radar Receiver / Detector Type: Superheterodyne, GaAs FET VCO, scanning frequency discriminator, digital signal processing (DSP)
    • Laser Detection: Quantum limited video receiver and multiple laser sensor diodes
    • Display Type: Graphic OLED, standard bar graph, ExpertMeter, 5-brighness levels
    • Power Requirement: 2-AA batteries or 12V DC connection
    • Dimensions: L 5.32in x W 2.85in x H 1.25in
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    • 1x - Cordless Solo S3
    • 2x - AA batteries
    • 1x - Travel case
    • 1x - EasyMount windshield bracket
    • 1x - Owner's manual

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