ESCORT Radar 8500 X50Red Passport X50 Radar Detector, Red

Long Range Radar and Laser Detection with 360° Protection
  • V-Tuned radar provides extreme long ranged detection
  • AutoSensitivity filters out false alarms
  • X, K, Ka, and laser operating bands
  • Tracks and displays up to 8 radar signals at once
  • Multiple front and rear lasers for 360° protection


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  • The Passport X50 Radar Detector from ESCORT Radar has V-Tuned radar which provides extreme long range warning of all radar bands including X, K, Ka, Laser, and new POP radar. It offers superior off-axis protection with 360° laser protection due to multiple built-in front and rear laser sensors on the Passport X50 unit. Highway, City and AutoSensitivity modes will intelligently identify real radar threats from other sources with minimal false alarms. The three modes are interchangeable depending upon where the user is driving, though AutoSensitivity mode is recommended most driving. While in AutoSensitivity the internal computer of the Passport X50 will continuously analyze all incoming signals and intelligently adjust circuitry sensitivity accordingly. The Passport X50 also features an ExpertMeter option which is an advanced display that allows for the tracking of up to eight radar signals at once. It will provide detailed information of up to two Ka-band, two K-band, and four X-band signals. The purpose and benefit of this feature is to allow drivers to spot changes in their normal driving environment. The Passport X50 is powered by the included SmartCord which plugs into the modular jack on the side of the unit. The SmartCord then needs only to be connected to the vehicle's 12V DC outlet for power.

    Reviews from Publications
    • Motor Trend - "In the over $200 category of high-end radar/laser detectors, the nod goes to the Passport 8500."

    • Popular Mechanics - "Escort has come up with a state-of-the-art detector!"

    • - "The Passport 8500 might be the best radar detector ever made!"

    Additional controls and features of the Passport X50 Radar Detector are:
    • Power and volume control
    • Power-on indicator
    • AutoMute - Volume increases to alert user of radar encounter then reverts to selected volume level.
    • Mute
    • Highway/City/AutoSensitivity
    • Dim / Dark Switch - four brightness settings for the display (max, medium, min, and dark)
    • Dark Mode - Visual alerts will not be displayed and only audible alerts will be made
    • Audible Alerts
    • Power Connector
    • Signal Strength Meter - Alphanumeric display consists of 280 LEDs
    • ExpertMeter
    • SpecDisplay

    • POP Radar
      The POP Radar mode detects the relatively new radar gun feature which transmits extremely short bursts within a band to help identify vehicles speeding amongst traffic.

    • Manufacturer: ESCORT Radar
    • Manufacturer Part #: 8500 X50Red
    • UPC Code: 737795050117
    • Operating Bands: X-band, K-band, Ka-band, and Laser
    • X-Band: 10.525 GHz +/- 25 MHz
    • K-Band: 24.150 GHz +/- 100 MHz
    • Ka-Band: 34.700 GHz +/- 1300 MHz
    • Laser: 904nm, 33 MHz bandwidth
    • Radar Receiver / Detector Type: Superheterodyne VTO, scanning frequency discriminator, and digital signal processing (DSP)
    • Laser Detection: Quantum limited video receiver and multiple laser sensor diodes
    • Display Type: 280 LED alphanumeric, bar graph, ExpertMeter, SpecDisplay, 3-level dimming, and dark mode
    • Power Requirement: 12V DC negative ground
    • Dimensions: L 5.32in x W 2.85in x H 1.25in
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    • 1x - Passport Radar Detector, Red
    • 1x - Travel case
    • 1x - Quick-release windshield mount
    • 1x - Coiled smart cord
    • 1x - Owner's manual
    • 1x - Quick reference card

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