Ergo Systems 28019 Float Feed Ring Kit

Ergo Systems 28019 Float Feed Ring Kit

Free-Floating or Stationary Food Station for your Aquarium
  • Can be used as a free-floating or stationary food station
  • Multiple rings can be used to allow several feed options
  • Includes suction cup



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  • The Ergo Systems 28019 Float Feed Ring will ensure all your fish get fed. Simply place the feed ring into the tank and drop food inside the ring. The feed ring can be used as a free-floating food station. Or, anchor the feed ring with the included suction cup to train your fish to know exactly where to go for food. Multiple Feed Rings can be used if you have picky eaters. Place different foods in each of the rings, and your fish will soon learn where their preferred food is located. Using more than one feed ring will also prevent bullies from hogging all the food. While the bully is eating from one ring, the other fish can feed from the other rings in the tank.
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