Enforcer Low-Voltage Battery Cut-Off

Enforcer Low-Voltage Battery Cut-Off

Use with a Security System to Connect or Disconnect a Backup Battery and Prevent Deep Discharge
  • Prevent power loss to your security system by keeping your backup battery charged
  • Master On/Off switch
  • Selectable input 12V DC or 24V DC
  • LED indicators



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  • The Enforcer Low-Voltage Battery Cut-Off prevents deep discharge of backup batteries. Use it to save power for a backup battery on your security system. If there is a power failure this device will ensure that your backup battery remains powered and your security system won't go down. Alternatively, if power needs to be completely shut-off, a Master On/Off switch easily connects or disconnects the backup battery and AC power supply from the control panel. It ties directly into most 12V DC or 24V DC power supplies or alarm panels for easy plug-and-play installation. Built-in LED indicators identify the power is being properly distributed.

  • Specifications

    Manufacturer: SECO_LARM
    Manufacturer Product No.: ST-BD01Q
    Relay Contact Rating: [email protected]
    LED Indicators: AC: Green
    DC: Red: 12V DC; Blue: 24V DC
    Connections: AC Input: Terminal Block
    AC Output: Grey wire leads
    DC: Quick-connect terminal (battery side); On-board male spade terminal
    Dimensions: 2 3/8" x 1 3/4" x 7/8" (60mm x 45mm x 22 mm)
    DC Operating Voltage: 12V DC: 10V DC ~ 14V DC
    24V DC: 22V DC ~ 28V DC
    AC Input: 12V DC: 12V AC ~ 18V AC
    24V DC: 24V AC ~ 30V AC
    Adjustable Cut-Off Range: 12V DC: 9V DC ~ 10V DC
    24V DC: 19.2V DC ~ 20.3V DC

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    Review of 77416 Review by STEVE
    Review of 77416

    After contacting the manufacturer, I found out that the unit requires DC voltage be (at least momentarily) applied to the battery side and the load side to energize and "hold in" the unit's relay that then connects the battery side, to the load side of the unit. In my system, I am using "normally open" contacts of an AC powered relay to connect the back-up battery to both sides of the unit until AC power is removed; then through "normally closed" contacts of the same AC relay, I tie the load side of my system to the load side of the low voltage cut-out unit. The end result is that the unit monitors and disconnects the load at 9.5 volts, every time. Good value, once you know how to adapt it to your needs.

    Posted on 3/11/2013

    Review of 77416 Review by Sam
    Review of 77416

    I have 4 of these units and they don't work. They are being used only for disconnect of large AGM batteries to prevent excessive deep discharges. The power indicator LED doesn't even light indicating the attached battery source. Calls and emails direct to Seco-Larm have gone unanswered. Tracing of the circuit suggests there is a missing connection.

    Posted on 2/17/2010

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    • Enforcer Low-Voltage Battery Cut-Off
    • Battery lead
    • Double-sided tape
    • Owner's manual

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