Enerlites 55100 WH 600W Touch Dimmer - White

Precise Dimming with the Touch of a Finger
  • Precise Dimming with the Touch of a Finger
  • Provides fingertip ease of use and precise adjustment of lighting level
  • Simple touch control of switching and dimming functions
  • Touch dimmer stores previous light setting during off period-allows user to return to previous light setting when turning lights on without readjustment
  • Five year warranty
  • UL/CUL Listed



List Price: $17.00

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  • The Enerlites 55100 WH 600W Touch Dimmers are technologically advanced and are combined with aesthetic decorative design in order to match interior styling needs. This dimmer provides the most advanced touch-technology with full range dimming effects available with this type of activation. A touch of the finger turns the device on and off when touched again. The touch plate ramps the lighting up and down the dimming range while holding ones finger on the touch plate. Provides touch of a finger ease and precise adjustment of lighting levels within a space. Simple touch control of switches and dimming function provides ergonomically easy control that requires no manual skill. Touch dimmer can store previous set lighting levels in memory during off period, thus allowing the user to return to previous lighting level when turning the lights back on. The Touch Dimmer is also available in Almond, and a 3-Way Touch Dimmer in Almond and White.
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    Review of 36718WH Review by LaneSla
    Review of 36718WH

    My wife and I thought that these looked cool, but they don't function all that well. I was thinking that as you slide your finger up or down the plate the lights would dim up or down, accordingly. However, it turns out that you just touch and hold your finger on there to dim. The first time you do that they begin to dim up and then reverse once they bulbs are at max brightness. If you take your finger off and touch/hold again, then they dim down. This is very cumbersome. Sometimes we accidentally turned them off when we wanted to just dim them down. And there is no way to turn the bulbs on at a lower level than they were when they were last turned off. We found that we like dimmers with a manual slider and separate switch much better.

    All of this would have been fine if SmartHome would have honored their 30 day no hassle return policy! When I called to return these switches after we discovered that we didn't like them, SmartHome wouldn't take them. Evidently these items have a no-returns policy, despite the big banner on the item page that says No hassle 30 day returns. There is fine print down below that says these items are different. As you might expect, I saw the huge banner and not the fine print. I probably wouldn't have tried out a new and different dimmer if I didn't think that I would have the chance to return them if I didn't like them.

    Posted on 9/20/2012

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